Canada’s Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs for 2024


Due to a number of factors that consistently rank Canada jobs among the best countries for employment opportunities, annual income, and career development for international graduates, the Canadian labor market offers very attractive opportunities for career development in a variety of industries.

These elements include the nation’s broad immigration routes, strong and promising economic growth, relatively stable political system, and dedication to fostering innovation.

Of population growth that occurs between July 1, 2022 and July 1, 2023, approximately 98% is attributable to international migration during that one-year period. As young immigrants help to replace and increase Canada’s population, this demonstrates the obvious demand in the country’s labor market.

Given the friendly opportunities Canada has to offer, it is imperative that skilled foreign workers understand their potential earnings in the nation. The top ten highest-paying companies in Canada for 2024 are discussed in this article.

1. Physician Assistant (NOC 31100)Average Base Salary Per Year: $391,568* Canada jobs.

Smiling young female doctor holding a clipboard in hospital. healthcare concept

First on the list is healthcare, with the highest potential income for medical anesthesiologists in Canada. They are professionals who give medications to patients to keep them from feeling pain or other sensations during surgery, according to the Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society. Nonetheless, their duties extend beyond the operating room and include the patient’s pre-, intra and post-operative care.

  They consult with patients prior to surgery, take a look at their medical history, perform any necessary exams, and decide how much anesthesia to use. Anesthesia choices are based on the type of surgery and the condition of the patient.

In addition, they have to watch over patients while they undergo surgery and make sure they take responsibility for any emergency. They are therefore in charge of safely rousing patients from anesthesia and, if required, giving them painkillers. Recognizing this need, Ottawa has established a historic target of 500,000 or more immigrants annually between 2024 and 2026.

2. Cardiologist (NOC 31100)Base Pay on an Annual Average: $386,757

Cardiologists, or “doctors of the cardiovascular system,” are specialists in the diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of conditions pertaining to the heart and blood vessels. They could operate alone or in tandem with healthcare facilities.
   Medical interviews, ordering tests to rule out suspicions, diagnosing patients based on lab and test results, creating treatment plans for each patient, writing prescriptions for necessary drugs and therapies, liaising with patients’ primary care physicians and surgeons, offering ongoing monitoring and care, remaining current with research, and persistently seeking out additional education are among the responsibil

3.Surgeon (NOC 31101)Annual Average Base Salary: $378,634*

Ordinary busy day of surgeon

Doctors who perform surgery to treat a variety of illnesses are known as surgeons. They can specialize in a particular area of medicine or perform general surgery.
   The Canadian Medical Association states that the medical specialty of psychiatry treats mental illnesses.
  Psychiatrists treat illnesses and problems related to mental health that call for in-depth assessments of patients’ needs and circumstances on the biological, psychological, and social levels. This is given by a psychiatrist who performs a comprehensive assessment, determines the patient’s diagnosis, and develops a treatment strategy.

   Psychiatrists have a variety of jobs and operate in diverse environments. In a general hospital, for example, a psychiatrist would be in charge of the care and treatment of patients with mental health issues, working in conjunction with the medical and surgical units, and offering consultation and liaison services to the units as well as the patients.

A worker in a community office, on the other hand, would place more of an emphasis on interacting directly with the patient and using a variety of management, rehabilitation, a

4. Psychiatric Specialist.(NOC 31100)Average Base Salary per year: $333,976*

Canada jobs

Psychiatry is a medical speciality that treats mental illnesses, according to the Canadian Medical Association. In order to comprehend their illnesses and needs, patients with mental health disorders require thorough assessments that take into account their biology, psychology, and social circumstances. A psychiatrist administers this, performing a comprehensive assessment, making a diagnosis, and formulating a care and recovery plan for the patient.

Psychiatrists operate in a variety of environments, with varying responsibilities in each. For instance, a psychiatrist working in a general hospital would be in charge of treating and caring for patients with mental health issues in addition to advising and liaising with patients and medical/surgical units. A worker in a community office practice, on the other hand, will place more of an emphasis on interacting directly with patients and using a variety of management, rehabilitation, and psychiatr

5.. Orthodontist (NOC 31110)Base Salary on an Annual Average: $269,126*

The area of dentistry known as orthodontics focuses on identifying, treating, and preventing abnormalities of the teeth and face.
These problems are known medically as “malocclusion,” which translates to “bad bite.” In order to properly align teeth, lips, and jaws and achieve facial balance, orthodontists need to possess professional skills in the design, application, and control of corrective tools, such as braces.
In contrast to dentists, orthodontists are diagnostic experts. They complete two to three years of a master’s program approved by the CDA, specializing in orthodontic treatment, after completing four years of dental school training recogni

6. Controller (NOC 00012)Annual Average Base Salary: $207,155*

Financial controllers see pay trends for 2024 as promising. They oversee the company’s financial well-being in their capacity as the accounting team’s leaders. This entails managing tax compliance, payroll, budgets, financial information, and other things.

The size of the company affects a financial controller’s pay, according to LinkedIn Business. In a large corporate setting, they might be in charge of an accounting team and answer to the CFO; in a smaller firm, they might work alone as an accountant, collaborating with clerks and answ

7. Cloud Architect (NOC 21231)Base Salary on an Annual Average: $147,474*

An IT specialist in charge of the business’s cloud computing strategy, including adoption plans, cloud application design, and cloud management and monitoring, is known as a cloud architect.
They oversee the architecture and deployment of applications in a range of cloud environments, including private, public, and hybrid clouds.
In addition, contract negotiations, collaboration with legal and procurement departments, and legal aspects of cloud computing are all possible responsibe

8. Manager of Software Engineering (NOC 20012)Average Base Salary per Year: $143,044*

Managers of software engineering oversee the development of software applications and programs. They must be able to explain an application’s eligibility to different departments in addition to having a technical understanding of applications.
They have great opportunities in New Brunswick, Ontario, and Quebec, according to Job Bank.

9. The position of Data Scientist (NOC 21211)Average base salary of $134,960 per year.

A data scientist’s job description must be prepared, according to LinkedIn Business, which lists their duties. It entails deriving meaning from data and utilizing machine learning and statistical techniques to interpret it.
  Technical know-how is required for data scientists to collect, clean, and validate their data using exacting procedures. They also need to apply software engineering skills to comprehend data, identify patterns, and use their findings to develop and enhance business pro

10. Business Attorney (NOC 41101)Average Base Salary per Year: $109,631

Attorneys at the top of their game say that corporate lawyers handle “the formation, governance, and operation of corporations and how corporations negotiate with shareholders, directors, employees, lenders, and other

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   The regulations governing the establishment, dissolution, and registration of corporations under federal or provincial laws in Canada are the focus of corporate lawyers.