Google 1 once again shocked the world when it unveiled Gemini, an AI tool that mimics human thought processes.Chat GPT, however,failed in front of it.


Google claims that, when it comes to AI chatbots, its most recent model, Gemini, outperforms those of other companies. Google thinks Gemini outperforms OpenAI’s ChatGPT, processing text, photos, code, and videos more quickly for quicker outcomes.

Google unveiled Bard as a rival to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Google has returned with its potent new AI, despite the fact that its initial release did not captivate users as much. The company intends to provide updates for Bard and Pixel users worldwide, aiming to compete with OpenAI’s GPT-4 and Meta’s Llama 2.

With its sophisticated capabilities, new AI stands out as it allows real-time multitasking across various information types, including text, images, code, and videos. It is excellent at deciphering logic, coding, and effectively organizing tasks.

A Distinctive User Experience Featuring Three Versions gemini

Depending on their requirements, users will be able to select from three different versions of Gemini AI: Ultra, Pro, and Nano. It will soon support additional languages, enabling users in more than 170 countries to utilize it. Initially, it is only ava

Gemini Speed that shocked Everyone

CEO Sundar Pichai noted that Google has only begun to explore the possibilities of Gemini, expressing amazement at this momentous occasion.

Gemini AI is the first model to outperform benchmarks set by human experts in domains like math, physics, history, law, and medicine, according to Eli Collins, VP of Product at

Bard Launching in Two Stages

Gemini AI for Bard is going to be released in two stages, according to Google Assistant and Sisi Hasiao, Vice President of Bard. On December 6, the specially tuned version, called Gemini Pro, is scheduled to launch. It promises to be a better chatbot than its predecessor, with superior reasoning, coding, and planning capabilities.

Google chat board became much better with the arrival of Gamini

Google’s chatbot is the best place to try out its new cutting-edge AI brain – can it take on ChatGPT?

The Google board chatbot is improving thanks to Google’s partnership with Gemini in the realm of Google/Tech/Artificial Intelligence. It’s considered the best place for experimenting with their new cutting-edge models. Can ChatGPT keep up? David Pierce, with over a decade of experience covering consumer tech, and Editor-at-Large and co-host of the Vergecast, believes the board is making strides. Previously recognized for its graphic board displaying logos for Google apps alongside Gmail, Drive, Docs, and others, the board now reaches Google’s top-notch language models. While OpenAI’s ChatGPT has gained global recognition, Google’s board aims to compete, continuously adding features and integrating data access across Google products. Still, it faces competition from other bots utilizing GPT-3 and GPT-4 models.


Recently, the board has become even more captivating. Operating in 170 countries for English speakers, it now operates on Google’s new Gemini model, claiming superiority over OpenAI’s technology in various aspects. Google plans to launch the “Board Advanced” powered by Gemini Ultra next year, presenting a highly capable and powerful version accepting text, images, audio, and video. Google emphasizes the board’s substantial upgrade, focusing on summarization, ideation, writing, and more. Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, assures users of significant overall improvements and a better product.

For now, the board remains a chatbot – you type, it responds. However, an upcoming version promises even more. According to Demis Hassabis, Head of Google DeepMind, non-text interactions are where multimodal capabilities shine. The upcoming “Board Advanced” is expected to surpass its predecessors and offer unparalleled capabilities. Google showcased various applications, including designing a paper airplane with AI feedback and aiding parents in assessing their children’s homework through image uploads.

While these demonstrations are impressive, they currently serve as demos and promotional videos. Sundar Pichai sees this launch as a significant moment for the board and the beginning of the Gemini era. If Google’s benchmarking holds true, the new model could potentially outperform ChatGPT, marking a substantial achievement.


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