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The Classic 350 is the best-selling bike in India, but royal enfield hunter 350 motorcycles are making waves overseas, with demand skyrocketing by 392%.

The Classic 350 is royal enfield hunter 350 best-selling bike in the Indian market, but the Meteor is becoming more and more well-liked among foreign consumers. The demand for motorcycles, which has grown by an astounding 392% YoY, is evidence of this.

International markets have a significant demand for royal enfield hunter 350 motorcycles in addition to the Indian market. In terms of royal enfield hunter 350 exports, the company’s monthly exports demonstrated a noteworthy increase of 47.08%, while its annual exports reached 5,114 units in November 2023, representing a growth of 2.16%. In contrast, 3,477 units and 5,006 units were exported in October 2023 and November 2022, respectively. Compared to November 2022, when 352 units were shipped, meteor 350 exports in November 2023 climbed by a staggering 392.05% to 1,732 units on an annual basis. In addition, sales in October 2023 increased significantly month over month by 728.71% when compared to the 209 units sold.

Ranked number two on the list is the Classic 350, whose demand increased to 1,339 units globally in November 2022 from 836 units sent, a 60.17% increase. From 1,059 units in October 2023, the month-over-month (MoM) exports rose by 26.44%. Even so, the Hunter 350’s yearly exports fell by 57.34% from 2,403 units sold in November 2022 to 1,025 units; however, month-over-month sales significantly improved, with 670 units sold in October 2023, a 52.99% increase.

Exportations of Bullet. royal enfield hunter 350 and 650 Twins:

royal enfield hunter 350

– With 456 units shipped, the 650 Twins experienced a 16.33% month-over-month increase and an annual growth of 21.93%.
. The outstanding 235.21% increase in the Bullet 350’s exports from the 71 units sold in October 2023 was evident in the 238 units exported the previous month.

Last month, there was a notable 81.75% decrease in the Himalayan’s exports. Month-over-month (MoM) exports dropped significantly, with only 54 units exported in October 2023, a significant 251.85% decrease, despite a spike in exports from 1,041 units shipped in November 2022 to 190 units. Sales of Meteor were 134 units in the previous month.



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