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Indian-made maruti suzuki fronx are being driven in Los Angeles.

maruti suzuki fronx automobiles are exported to over 100 countries, but the US is not one of them. Therefore, it was really thrilling for us to have the chance to drive the Fronks, which are manufactured in India, around Los Angeles, California.

We had no idea that we might be among the very few people who had driven Indian cars, particularly those manufactured by maruti suzuki fronx, in America when Fronks were shipped from India to the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America in July of this year. In America and presently in India.

Upon learning that the vehicle could be purchased in Tijuana, Mexico, which is roughly 250 kilometers south of Los Angeles,

maruti suzuki fronx

one of our Mexican associates promptly arranged for the Suzuki Fronk to be driven to our Los Angeles hotel. The first thing we did after focusing on the Fronks was examine the car’s VIN plate.

which, as I discovered after seeing hundreds of Marutis over the previous few years, was situated directly inside the passenger door and provided conclusive evidence that the vehicle had originated in India and was there to show us around Los Angeles.

Our exciting trip with the Fronks began with a visit to Pasadena City Hall, a small city in Los Angeles County that is 11 miles from the city center and one of the oldest suburbs of Los Angeles, through which the famed Route 66 passes.

With the exception of the Mexican number plates, the Fronks we were driving had the same 1.5-liter mild hybrid engine as the one we drove in India, and the steering wheel was on the left side rather than the right. Instead, the vehicle has a 1.2-liter or 1.0-liter turbocharged engine when sold in India. In India, the 1.5-liter K15C engine powers both the Grand Vitara Smart Hybrid and the Brezza.

With more than 230 rooms and galleries and a central circular structure rising more than 200 feet, Pasadena City Hall is an impressive structure constructed in the initial revival style in 1924. Every floor has a very high ceiling, and the fifth floor is more than forty feet high, even though there are only six floors total.

Aside from the two famous busts of the Robinson Brothers in front of City Hall, we also happen to notice and take a quick photo of the open area in front, which gives us a chance to shoot with the Fronks at City Hall. It becomes a pretty involved photo shoot.

Jackie Robinson was a baseball player, and the other Robinson brother was an Olympian medalist. Similar to the Fronks, they both lived in Pasadena, which felt very cozy in the suburban Los Angeles, despite being a little crowded with some other cars—or should we say trucks—on the street. We explored a portion of the old city before moving on to the Rose Bowl, but even in the middle of the city traffic, the Fronks felt at home.

It’s among the most well-known stadiums in America. It is the eleventh largest stadium in America and one of the top maruti suzuki fronx.

twenty stadiums in the world with a capacity of over 90,000. In addition to having hosted the greatest number of Super Bowls—five—it also served as the site for the 1994 Olympic football gold medal game, the men’s and women’s FIFA World Cup finals, and the 2028 Summer Olympics.

And then we took the gorgeous Angeles Crest Highway that leads through the Angeles National Forest to the freeway. While the breathtaking scenery and little cloud cover make up for the maruti suzuki fronx’ lack of a booster jet engine, we begin to notice it on this lovely mountainous route in India.

It’s amazing that the maruti suzuki fronx draw so much attention on a road where some of the most expensive cars in the world can be seen, maybe because of its attractive appearance and the light elements at the back that look fantastic as dusk descends on the San Gabriel and Sierra Pelona mountain ranges.

Among other cars as we proudly drive an Indian car maruti suzuki fronx back to the hotel in the United States, making use of the head-up display, the Fronks blend in perfectly.



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