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The moment the truck’s shutter opened upon entering India, the BSF soldiers were startled. The truck was from (bangladesh india border). When they saw what was inside, they were in disbelief.

Such incidents frequently occur at the border between bangladesh india border, leaving the security forces sleep deprived. The border regions encircled by mountains and jungles have once again seen a significant incident. The BSF soldiers were in disbelief.

Bengal’s Barasat. Unpleasant incidents along bangladesh india border persist in spite of all efforts. In addition to jungles, mountains encircle the border between bangladesh india border. It is very difficult for security forces to patrol continuously through the dense forests. The two nations’ trade routes are still open.

bangladesh india border

Road routes transport trucks and other regular vehicles from bangladesh india border and the other way around. These contact routes are closely monitored by security personnel. Soldiers from the BSF constantly inspect cars to make sure no one is entering Indian territory illegally. Two vehicles, a truck and another, were stopped by BSF soldiers during border checks. The security personnel were shocked when the shutter was raised for inspection. They were initially confused about what to do next.

Information reveals that three individuals were detained in Petrapole, North 24 Parganas district, West Bengal, on suspicion of trying to smuggle ₹2.25 crore worth of gold across the international border between Bangladesh and India. This information was given by an officer of the Border Security Force (BSF). In response to intelligence inputs and in response to multiple incidents in the district, the BSF officers searched trucks coming into India from Bangladesh. They found 2.5 kilograms of gold biscuits worth ₹1.58 crore in one of the vehicles and detained two people.

Seized Gold Paste

Following the discovery of a significant amount of gold inside the truck, security was stepped up. During the search, a second car was stopped. According to a BSF officer, over one kilogram of gold paste was taken from someone else in a different incident. Customs officers received both the arrested people and the gold that had been seized. The estimated value of it is expressed in lakhs of rupees. Smuggling-related incidents are frequently reported along the bangladesh india border.

Seized Were 102 Kilograms of Cannabis.

Police in the West Bengali district of Howrah confiscated 102 kg of cannabis and detained five people. This information was given by an officer. In response to tips from the intelligence community, the police on Saturday stopped a truck carrying onions on its way from Odisha to Dhulagarh’s Sankrail Industrial Park. Inside, they found about ₹50 lakhs worth of illegal drugs. The case is being looked into after five of the passengers in the car were taken into custody.

Shillong: On Thursday, the BSF, which has been routinely seizing goods intended for smuggling to Bangladesh along the international border that Meghalaya shares with the neighboring nation, seized spectacles valued at Rs 50 lakh.

On December 14, in response to a specific tip, the committed soldiers of 193 Battalion BSF, Meghalaya, carried out a special operation in the East Khasi Hills district’s border area and seized a significant amount of eyewear valued at over Rs 50 lakh. According to a statement released on Friday by the BSF’s

Meghalaya frontier, these eyeglasses were meant to be smuggled into bangladesh india border.

A discreetly parked overloaded vehicle in a narrow lane or track heading towards the international border was noticed by the BSF troops during the operation. Inspection revealed that the car was filled with possibly smuggled goods, mainly eyeglasses. The vehicle’s driver and co-driver were detained because they were unable to furnish any credible explanations or legitimate documentation pertaining to the shipment of eyeglasses, as stated in the BSF release.

The arrested people and the confiscated goods were turned over to the Dangar police station so that additional legal proceedings could be initiated, according to the BSF. The BSF’s dedication to stopping illegal activities along the international border is demonstrated by this successful operation, the release said.



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