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Video: The World Cup captain asked, “Who is virat kohli?” with an embarrassed expression on his face. I suppose he’s not that popular.

Cricket fans are familiar with this maestro because he has broken numerous records. Not every cricket fan will know who he is, but it seems to be the case around the world. It is possible that the world-champion Brazilian football captain does not know who Virat Kohli is.

The world is aware of Virat Kohli, the former captain of the Indian cricket team, for his exceptional skill. He immediately became the focus of sports fans everywhere, and he is now recognized as a global icon. His physical prowess inspires all sports enthusiasts, and he is known as Team India’s run machine. Virat Kohli recently broke the legendary batsman Sachin Tendulkar’s record of 49 centuries in one-day internationals (ODIs) at the ICC One Day World Cup. Upon reaching his 50th century, this batsman created quite a stir in cricket circles worldwide.

The Inadvertent Silence of Virat Kohli

virat kohli

A video of the former captain of Brazil’s national football team, Ronaldo, the once-global football sensation, has surfaced. When asked about Virat, Ronaldo appears surprised in the video and replies that he doesn’t know who that person is. This video was shared on social media by a blogger.

In the video, the blogger asks Ronaldo if he knows Kohli. Cristiano replies, Who? After that, the blogger tells him that Virat Kohli is an Indian. Ronaldo replies, No, I don’t know anyone named Virat Startled, the blogger queries, “Don’t you know Virat?” Is he a player, Ronaldo asks in response? The blogger affirms that he plays cricket. Oh, but he’s not that popular here, Ronaldo concludes. That is not who he is. That’s why the World Cup-winning football captain from Brazil doesn’t know about Virat .

Virat Kohli, the superstar of Team India, has captured the attention of sports fans all over the world by showcasing his talent in a short period of time. He is currently regarded as a worldwide icon. Anyone interested in sports is inspired by his level of fitness. He is regarded as Team India’s run machine because of his unwavering pursuit of goals. Recently, at the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, Kohli made waves in the cricket world by scoring his 50th century in ODIs, surpassing the record held by the great batsman Sachin Tendulkar, who had scored 49 centuries in ODIs.

An embarrassing video of former Brazil football captain Ronaldo—once regarded as a legend in the sport—expressing surprise when asked about Kohli has surfaced. A social media blogger captured Ronaldo’s response to a question about whether or not he knew Kohli in the video. Ronaldo asks, “Who?” implying that he doesn’t know the Indian cricket captain.

After that, the blogger states that Virat Kohli is an Indian. “No, I don’t know anyone named Kohli,” replies Ronaldo. The blogger asks, “Are you sure you don’t know Virat ?” sounding surprised. Ronaldo responds, “Is he some player?” to this. In response, the blogger says, “He plays cricket, yes. Ronaldo then says, Oh, but he’s not that popular here.



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