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Campaign to Resist Government Authority Over balumama temple

In opposition to the possible government takeover of balumama temple in Adamapur, members of the Maharashtra Temple Federation and the balumama temple Conservation Committee held a one-day protest on Wednesday at Kranti Jyoti Chowk in the Gargoti city Kolhapur district.

The famous balumama temple in Adamapur receives millions of pilgrims from Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh each year.

The Maharashtra Temple Federation’s State Coordinator, Sunil Ghanvat, expressed concerns regarding accusations of corruption by saying that the balumama temple trust board had been dissolved and an administrator had been appointed. We disagree with the government’s motivations for seizing control of the temple, even though we believe that dishonest people should be held accountable.

Ghanvat highlighted that in the past, government control was applied to temples such as the Vitthal Temple in Pandharpur, the Bhavani Temple in Tuljapur, and the Sai Temple in Shirdi. Periodically, there are reports of mismanagement in government-appointed committees and corruption involving millions of rupees. We oppose the government’s takeover of temples for this reason.

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He declared, “Real devotees of Balumama should be in charge of Our balumama temple.

Among the prominent attendees at the demonstration were Sunil Samant, Babasaheb Bhosale of the balumama temple Conservation Committee, Deepak Desai of the Hindu Unity Movement, and Nikhil Mohite of the Balumama Halasiddhanath Sevakari Sanstha.

Shivaraj Naikwade, the temple administrator, stated in the interim Under the direction of the joint commissioner of the religious affairs office, an investigation into allegations of corruption at Balumama Temple is still underway. Until the issue is resolved, no more steps can be taken.

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