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“People perceive me as Ram because, Arun Govil “TV’s Ram,” in (ayodhya) said.

The city of ayodhya is set. January 22 is the day of the Ram temple’s consecration ceremony. There will be a large number of well-known attendees. India as a whole is closely monitoring this entire event. Arun Govil, “TV’s Ram,” has arrived

The city of ayodhya is set. on January 22nd.

The Ram temple’s consecration ceremony is about to begin. Attend to itIt’s going to be done by a lot of amazing people. throughout IndiaThe entire event is being watched. Arun Govil, ‘TV’s Ram, has arrived in ayodhya. Lately, a news channelDuring the discussion, Arun Govil stated that following all of the previous 4

How was the life of Arun Govil?

Arun Govil stated, “I come from a middle class family,” in an interview with DD News. We used to read the Ramayana every day when I was a kid. Mom used to advise reading the Ramayana because it was a book that young kids read. Still, we were ignorant of its significance at the time.

We used to read the Ramayana in that language, since it was written during that era. Every evening used to be puja time for us. That was when the entire family used to get together. formerly used for worship. These kinds of rituals have existed. treating younger people with love and respect.


These sanskars may have been the reason why we automatically received all of these sanskars. It’s been said that everything we experience in life finds its way into our subconscious minds. Therefore, every value must have entered our subconscious. Allow me to share with you the character traits of Shri Ram ayodhya.

I told Sagar Saheb that I wanted to play the role of Shri Ram and that I didn’t want to play any other roles when it came to performing the Ramayana. I must have retained those ideals somewhere, so the idea to play this character must have only occurred to me at that point. He most likely motivated me, gave me bravery and strength, and gave me the belief that I could accomplish Could live this character.

I don’t even need to try to keep up the persona in real life anymore. As they say, you are by nature like Ram ji even now. I have therefore had a similar personality since I was young. I performed on screen. However, this is how I really am. I am viewed as Ram because of this. People show so much love and affection as a result.

As Lord Rama, people worship him.

Arun Govil stated, “I haven’t kept anything special, nor have I made an attempt.” I keep having this happen to me on its own.I don’t need to exert myself. It is me who consistently experiences this automatic behavior. Regarding the movie “Ram Mandir in ayodhya.

I’m at work. The movie will be released on January 19th. It’s called ‘695’. This is extremely unique on its own. This number holds great sacredness. Babri on December 6th, the mosque’s structure had collapsed. Following that, the Supreme Court’s ruling was rendered on November 9.

Additionally, the temple’s foundation stone was laid by Shri Narendra Modi Ji on August 5. As a result, these three points represent our extreme purity. For Ram Mandir, Joe StramanHow did it all come about, and what was done? I feel great about playing the part that I have to play.It took place. Had a great time as well. The movie is also expertly produced.

crafted with integrity

Everything that is going on right now is very fortunate. A bhajan dedicated to Shri Ram has been composed and sung by singer Sonu Nigam. Abhishek Thakur is the maker. It’s also something he produced. It’s a really lovely and charming hymn. We have Saryu under shoot. The release date of this bhajan is January 22.



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