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India’s anxiety China starts using Pakistan as a dump for its weapons. Of the defense exports from Dragon, 55% come from Karachi.

(india pakistan news): Pakistan has 36 SH1s from China already, and it will soon be able to purchase an additional 36 cannons. Pakistan is bolstering its artillery in order to confront India in the mountainous areas. They are contemplating acquiring anti-aircraft guns from China due to their fear of strikes by the Indian Air Force in Balakot.

Lahore. China claims to have become the world’s largest manufacturer and exporter of weapons by ringing the bell of new technology. China has not yet used these new, high-tech weaponry in a war because it is reluctant to fight wars. Instead, it is busy operating its business, selling its weapons at low cost to small and developing nations, with Pakistan, its all-weather ally, being its largest client.

A confidential report claims that although Pakistan purchases weapons from China’s weapon manufacturing companies for 77% of its needs, China only exports roughly 55% of its total goods to india pakistan news.

india pakistan news

China is supplying the Army, Air Force, and Navy of Pakistan with a wide range of armaments and equipment, thereby increasing the strength of that army.india pakistan news

Large arms and equipment: Pakistan’s Army uses Al Khalid and VT-4 tanks, an artillery gun called the SH-15 TMG, an attack helicopter called the Z10, Wing Loong 1D, Wing Loong – II, and CH-4. In the Air Defense System, it uses LY-80, LY-80 EV, HQ-9P, and radar equipment called the YLC-18. The Pakistan Navy uses Type-054A/P ships, and the Pakistan Air Force uses JF-17 and J-10 fighter aircraft.

The majority of the armaments used by Pakistan’s Army, Air Force, and Navy are currently Chinese-made. China is supplying Pakistan with weapons by 2035 as part of the PLAE package. China reportedly set a budget by 2035 that india pakistan news can use to purchase armaments or military assistance.

Speaking of the india pakistan news Army, it is currently developing the Al Khalid-1 tank with Chinese assistance to close the gap in ground tank warfare against India. China and Pakistan collaborated to develop the Al Khalid tank in the 1990s. Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) is building 110 tanks in total during the first phase of construction. In addition to the planned annual production of 22 tanks, Pakistan is also planning to purchase 1500 HP diesel engines from China for the Al Khalid-2. Pakistan’s tank strength will undoubtedly increase after this.

A purchase agreement was reached for 220 Al Khalid-1 tanks. In addition, india pakistan news has received a proposal from China’s China North Industries Corporation, part of the Asia Pacific Department, regarding the modernization of T-85 tanks. Ninety tanks are to be modernized in total; in the interim, Pakistan has bought 360 brand-new VT-4 main battle tanks from China. The first of these tanks was formally incorporated into the Pakistani Army in 2021.

Pakistan’s artillery is being strengthened in order to take on India.

With China’s assistance, Pakistan is also enhancing its artillery arsenal and capabilities. Pakistan is acquiring a mounted gun system with a caliber of 155/52 from China. Although China has already given Pakistan 36 SH1, Pakistan will soon be able to acquire an additional 36 weapons. In order to meet India’s challenges in the mountainous areas, india pakistan news is bolstering its artillery.

india pakistan news is contemplating acquiring anti-aircraft guns from China due to their apprehension over the Indian Air Force strike in Balakot. Pakistan intends to acquire seven hundred and fifty 12.7mm anti-aircraft machine guns. Furthermore, through technology transfer, Pakistan will obtain the technology for these firearms from China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO).

China is supplying Pakistan with missiles in response to India’s threat.

China purchased three ESHORADS FM-90 air defense systems as early as 2017. These missiles have a 15-kilometer striking range, and any aircraft or other missile within a 25-kilometer radius can be easily detected by their radar. india pakistan news recently purchased a surface-to-air missile system, the QW-18 SAM. 

The fear of India’s air power is the reason behind all of these acquisitions from China. Out of the 1391 QW 18 SAMs that india pakistan news has received from China, 100 systems are not included in the PLA package. In 2019, Pakistan received nine LY-80 LOMADS systems from China as well. Furthermore, Pakistan has signed two separate agreements: one for the air defense system and the other for the IBIS-150 radar system.

What high-priced weapon is Pakistan purchasing from China?

Four missile containers are used to launch HQ-9 missiles from the Medium to Long-Range Surface to Air Missile System FD-2000 launcher. Its striking distance ranges from 7 to 125 kilometers.

Pakistan is purchasing the system from China since it is so costly; however, if Pakistan purchases the system under the PLA package, China will be prohibited from purchasing any weapons or systems under the PLA package until 2035. China has clarified that india pakistan news is purchasing the FN-16 man-portable missile system outside of this package, meaning that China has also offered to give Pakistan 1265 FN-16 missiles in total, including two live-firing trials, for air defense. The Man-Portable Air Defense System, or MANPADS, is the name of this system.

Z-10 Attack Helicopter

Pakistan is forced to buy the Z-10ME attack helicopter, a Chinese replica of the costly American Apache, due to financial constraints. The Z-10 is the identical Chinese attack helicopter that Pakistan sent back to China following testing, primarily for use in high-altitude operations where the Pakistani military was dissatisfied with its performance. More than 20 Z-10ME attack helicopters are reportedly being purchased by Pakistan from China, per classified reports. Delivery operations have already commenced.

China Downgrades CH-4 Drone Technology
China claims to be the world leader in technology, but its products are aging due to rapid sales growth. In this sense, China has classified Pakistan under the CH-4 class of unmanned aerial vehicles, which are multi-role, medium-altitude, long-endurance vehicles.

india pakistan news reportedly agreed to accept two CH-4 drone variants from China: the CH-4A, which is used for intelligence gathering and reconnaissance, and the CH-4B, which is an armed attack drone. Beginning in January 2021, Pakistan purchased 12–24 drones. But Pakistan now has to deal with the threat of Chinese military hardware.

China has been notified by Pakistan that cracks have developed in the structure of Chinese CH-4 drones, according to classified reports. Pakistan also had to send back the armed drones to China because the AR-2 air-to-ground missiles that were supposed to accompany them malfunctioned during testing. In addition to Pakistan, every nation that bought these drones from China under the pretense of modern technology is troubled by this issue; some have even stopped using them.

The Saudi Arabian Air Force reportedly bought CH-4 UAVs in 2014 for long-range and long-endurance missions, but Saudi Arabia has discontinued using them because of persistent technical problems.

The CH-4 drones have been grounded before as a result of maintenance problems or technical malfunctions. The Iraqi Air Force also had to ground all ten of its CH-4 drones due to maintenance issues and technical difficulties a few years ago. Similar issues forced the Jordanian Air Force to list its six CH-4 drones for sale. In 2013, during testing, Algeria’s CH-4 crashed; in 2014, another crashed during landing due to a control issue; and in 2015, a third UACV crashed in a similar manner.

China, however, asserts that it has sold more than 200 CH series drones worldwide. However, recent reports suggest that Chinese weapons are causing problems for india pakistan news. China is a master at reverse engineering, having stolen technologies to create weapons, but due to technical limitations, it frequently is unable to replicate them successfully. Recently, a number of cases have come to light, including issues with the Wing Loong-2 combat drones that Pakistan purchased from China.

Due to technical flaws, Pakistan’s acquisition of Wing Loong-2 combat drones from China is not suitable for flight. China supplied Pakistan with three Wing Loong combat drones, all of which are currently beset by severe technical problems. The third drone has multiple issues with its engine, GPS, and other parts, while efforts are being made to fix the other two.

The JF-17 is likewise in very poor condition. China started supplying its armaments to Pakistan. China and Pakistan started working together to produce the JF-17 fighter, which has been sold to four other Muslim-majority countries abroad in addition to Pakistan: Malaysia, Azerbaijan, Myanmar, and Nigeria. Iraq has concluded negotiations to acquire JF-17 fighter planes in this series. For $650 million, Iraq is reportedly buying 12 JF-17 Thunder Block 3 aircraft from Pakistan. Pakistan has finally sealed this deal, after nearly two years of negotiations.

About 42% of the parts used in the production of this fighter are made in China, with india pakistan news producing the remaining 58% of the parts. Iraq needs this single-engine multirole fighter aircraft to supplement its dwindling air force.

The most important question, though, is whether China can actually produce an aircraft with that kind of power through cooperation with Pakistan—especially in light of the current situation with the JF-17s that are being sold to Myanmar. The JF-17 fighter, a joint venture product of Pakistan, is likewise having similar issues. When the JF-17 planes that were sold to Myanmar were grounded, this information became public. All eleven of the JF-17s have reportedly been grounded in hangars because of airframe cracks and technical issues.

Chinese combatant in the Navy of Pakistan

China has been supporting Pakistan’s Navy, its “all-weather friend,” under the pretense of a strategic cooperative partnership. At the Hudong Zhonghua Shipyard in Shanghai, China has given Pakistan one of its most potent warships, a Type-054A/P frigate.

PNS Taimur is the new name for this frigate. PNS Taimur is the second of four Type-054A/P frigates that China and india pakistan news purchased together. The report states that the HQ-16 medium range air defense missile system and antisubmarine missiles are installed on the 054A/P class frigate.

In addition, the Pakistani Navy purchased four F-22 frigates of the Jiangwei-II class between 2009 and 2013, and as part of a technology transfer agreement, four more F-22 frigates will be built in Pakistan during the second phase. In addition, China is getting ready to give Pakistan eight submarines. Pakistan has contracted with China to purchase eight air-independent submarines of the Yuan class under Project S-26. Of these eight submarines, four are being built at the Karachi Shipyard and the other four are being prepped in China.

It is anticipated that india pakistan news will receive all eight submarines by 2028. China supplied fast attack craft (missiles) to the Pakistani Navy between 2011 and 2014. In addition, Pakistan intends to equip its naval air defense with FN-16 SHORADS missiles purchased from China.



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