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People are demoralized by the Hindu temple in Dubai moving! After 75 years of existence, the Shiva temple has been moved.

The decision to move the temple grounds was reportedly prompted by a sizable crowd that used to congregate nearby. There are roughly five to six hundred small businesses in the vicinity of the temple, most of which serve the needs of temple visitors. Locals may voice their displeasure with the government’s choice.

The local community in Bur Dubai, UAE, is disappointed with the decision to relocate a highly revered Shiva temple that is 75 years old. Beginning in January 2024, all devotees are instructed by the temple management to visit the newly constructed Hindu temple in Jabel Ali.

The temple receives up to 5,000 visitors on holidays and up to TEN thousand during festivals, which results in severe crowding and presents difficulties for the police. Thus, the decision to move the temple was made.

The management of the Shiva temple in Bur Dubai and the Sindhi Guru Darbar premises have confirmed their decision to close permanently on January 3, 2024. The new Hindu temple in Jabel Ali was finished last year, and all devotees are encouraged to visi

The hindu temple has angered the locals.

relocation, since a lot of the temple’s small businesses rely solely on pilgrims. A local resident who lives close to the temple, Divyesh Kumar Shaholiya, discussed the temple’s importance since 1958.

The local community is displeased with the notices posted at the temple entrance, which announce that the Shiva temple will be moving to Jabel Ali on January 3, 2024. Conversations concerning this choice are now common in the neighborhood.

The locals compare the relocation to the end of an era, thinking back to their earlier days spent around the temple and its surrounds. Although the Bur Dubai temple is smaller and less exquisite than the Jabel Ali temple, the locals yearn for the times they spent in and around the original temple.

Hindu temple

The atmosphere at Jabel Ali’s temple is serene, in contrast to Bur Dubai’s congested surroundings. Visitors arriving by car or taxi will find it convenient as there are plenty of parking spaces. In addition to the temple, there is a mosque, a church, and a Gurudwara nearby.



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