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Elections for the (2024 lok sabha election) Include the names of women who have registered to vote in Jabalpur and remove those who have not.

2024 Lok Sabha Elections Divisional Commissioner stated: “Data was obtained regarding the rise in applications from women, men, and third gender following the release of the draft.” He announced that 16,465 applications had been submitted by the deadline of January 22. Reject the applications you have received right away.2024 lok sabha election

2024 Lok Sabha Elections Jabalpur correspondent for Nai Duniya.

2024 lok sabha election

Remove the names of newlyweds who were added to the voter list and those who were transferred. Add the names of the recently hired officers and staff. Take extra care when eliminating names to make sure the right person’s name is not missed. It is mandated that the voter list contain the names of young people who have turned eighteen. The Divisional Commissioner gave these directives.

reached three assembly constituencies’ polling places.
As a role inspector, Divisional Commissioner Abhay Verma visited the polling places in three assembly constituencies. He provided the current officials with the necessary instructions regarding the cleansing of the voter list. Officers and staff provided the Divisional Commissioner with information regarding EP Reo, Gender Reo, and linking and unlinking names during the inspection.2024 lok sabha election

Getting together with the Registration Officers
All of the registration officers from the Collectorate’s assembly constituencies met with the Divisional Commissioner in his capacity as a role inspector. Following the draft’s release, data was acquired regarding the rise in applications from third gender and women. The deadline for applications is January 22. It was reported that 16,465 applications have been received thus far.2024 lok sabha election

The Divisional Commissioner instructed that the applications be rejected right away. According to him, the district’s projected population is 28,16,679, and there are 18,74,282 voters, comprising 9,53,279 men, 9,20,901 women, and 102 voters who identify as third gender. The number of 1,855 service voters was mentioned. The district’s current gender ratio is 967, and its EP ratio is 61.35.

Getting together with Political Party Representatives
In order to give information about the district’s general elections, role inspector Verma met with representatives of several political parties on Thursday. During the meeting, it was stated that in order to complete their rejection on time, all officials needed to disclose any issues pertaining to their individual assembly constituencies.

Additionally, it was suggested that every political party designate a BLA at the polling places and help in entering the names of new voters. Political party representatives ought to maintain their opinions about expanding and altering polling places.



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