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How to Take Out the CoPilot Icon from the (how to hide taskbar in windows 11)

Can’t stand how CoPilot suggestions keep taking up too much space in your Windows Taskbar? It can be eliminated as follows.

With its presence in the Edge browser, the how to hide taskbar in windows 11 and no fixed location for its icon, Microsoft’s CoPilot AI Assistant is now widely available. Moving to the far right corner of the Taskbar, the CoPilot icon was formerly situated on the right side of the search bar.

CoPilot’s strengths as a comprehensive assistant are somewhat restricted, despite the fact that it performs exceptionally well in web searches, summarizing content, and offering extra context for open web pages. System-level operations such as launching apps and adjusting screen brightness are difficult for it to perform.

how to hide taskbar in windows 11

If you find CoPilot to be more troublesome than useful, you can turn it off in how to hide taskbar in windows 11. Turn off CoPilot by simply going to Settings Personalization Taskbar and toggling it off.

But Microsoft takes care of this if system performance is your top priority. The company recently announced on its blog that CoPilot users will be able to use voice or text commands to access a variety of tools and customize PC settings as of the end of March. To control the battery saver mode, for instance, type Enable battery saver or Disable battery saver.

The latest contentious marketing tactic for how to hide taskbar in windows 11 involves placing a CoPilot QR code on the lock screen.

Microsoft has not made it clear how much more convenient manipulating settings through the Settings app will be than inputting commands. Furthermore, the company is launching “Voice Shortcuts,” which enable users to carry out easy tasks with brief voice commands.

Microsoft’s practice of occasionally causing problems with Windows 11 by introducing advertisements for its other services has a contentious past. A well-known tech expert from Redmond has now been discovered unintentionally inserting CoPilot-related content into the Windows 11 lock screen.

What action did Microsoft take?

A large QR code appeared on the lock screen of many Windows 11 users on Reddit, surprising many of them. They were directed to Microsoft’s CoPilot website by scanning the code, where it was suggested they download the CoPilot app specifically for iOS and Android. It’s debatable if this action qualifies as an attempt to promote CoPilot, but it has undoubtedly irritated some users, who took to Reddit to voice their complaints.

What was the reaction from Microsoft?

Reddit users were outraged by the CoPilot QR code that was installed in Windows 11 without their permission and came with no release notes or documentation. After Windows Latest reached out to Microsoft for clarification, the company disclosed that the purpose of the QR code was limited to “educating” Windows 11 users about CoPilot. You can read Microsoft’s complete response here.

Although the community’s feedback led Microsoft to halt the QR code’s rollout, this move highlights the company’s worrisome trend of using Windows 11 to upgrade its services.

The business is already well-known for forcing its Edge browser on users, and Windows 11’s lock screen doubles as a banner promoting Microsoft Rewards and Bing. Though it’s unlikely that this incident will force Microsoft to reevaluate its advertising approach, it will be interesting to watch if the business can find a more sensible way to market its products.

This week, there were no new builds for Windows Insider Program participants to test in the Dev and Canary channels. This week is the second in a row that Insider members have not received a new build. Microsoft gave no explanation for why it didn’t release any new Canary or Dev builds the previous week.how to hide taskbar in windows 11

Technically speaking, the most recent Dev channel build—which did not include any new features—was also made available on February 22 in addition to the most recent Canary build. On February 14, along with a Canary build, the most recent feature-rich Dev channel update was released.

Since the how to hide taskbar in windows 11 team released the most recent public feature release of the operating system on February 29, they are, to be fair, taking a little vacation. The update, also referred to as Moment 5, comes with new casting enhancements, voice access, improved language support for sharing, and a ton of other features.



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