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The New AI (samsung fridge) Describes Its Contents and Possible Uses.

Samsung fridge latest model recognizes your stock and makes recipe recommendations. Additionally, it lets you know when food is about to expire.

AI is starting to appear in many household appliances, such as this stylish Samsung refrigerator and Samsung fridge.

Have you ever engaged in the well-known weekly game “What can I make using whatever’s in the fridge?”An AI-powered refrigerator that Samsung fridge unveiled this week at CES in Las Vegas ought to be able to help. Using a camera and AI intelligence, the Bespoke 4-Door Flex fridge with AI Family Hub+ can identify up to 33 common grocery items and recommend recipes based on what you already have.

Samsung fridge

To be fair, 33 items isn’t a lot, so Samsung fridge new kitchen assistant probably won’t provide you with a comprehensive list of your dinner options. However, there are many apps that can, such as AllRecipes and SuperCook. A refrigerator that has a built-in hub and an app connected to it will likely recommend recipes using chicken, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese, but it may not know how to use those fancy white anchovies or that unidentified root vegetable you bought at the farmers market.

As you place food in the refrigerator, you can use the new AI-powered appliance to date it. You’ll receive an alert from the Samsung app when they’re about to expire.

Regarding the CES launch, JH Han, CEO of Device Experience at Samsung fridge stated: “AI will allow connected devices to enhance everyday lives while staying invisible and in the background. Artificial intelligence will change how we live by enabling smarter, better experiences.”

Additionally, Samsung fridge unveiled the Bespoke Jet Bot Combo robot mop-vac, which finds and removes tough stains and steam cleans your floors. The company also unveiled new AI-powered laundry technology, which uses a number of internal sensors and monitors to calculate exact washing and drying times based on load size and recommends the right amount of detergent to use.

At CES 2024, AI was everywhere. Check out our selection of AI-enabled products from this year’s technology show. These eighteen CES gadgets are currently on sale.


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