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People are responding favorably to cars with popular connected features; this company has sold 400,000 units, and demand for one model is very high.

The country is seeing a sharp rise in the demand for connected or internet-connected automobiles. (kia india) has accomplished a noteworthy feat by vending over 400,000 interconnected automobiles.

With the Selto leading the way, Kia India celebrates selling over 400,000 connected cars. Popularity is driven by Hinglish commands and remote features. By selling more than 400,000 connected cars, Kia India has achieved a significant milestone in the field of tech-driven mobility experiences.

The country’s need for internet-connected cars is growing quickly. More than 400,000 connected cars have been sold by Kia India, marking a noteworthy milestone. Over 40% of Kia India’s total domestic dispatches are connected car variants. According to the company, the CAGR for its connected car variants is growing at a rate of 30.9%. The actual growth exceeds the initial estimate of 18% for global growth by 2032.

The Seltos SUV made up 65% of this list for the company. When it came to increasing overall sales of connected cars, kia india remained in the lead. Most of the Seltos variant’s sales are attributed to its connected features, which attract customers in particular. 57% of all Seltos units sold come with this variation. With 31% of buyers choosing the linked car option, the Creta surpassed Seltos as the company’s second-largest seller of connected cars.

Kia India

At present, the Sonet provides telematics functionality in just seven variants, accounting for 21% of the total Sonet sales. Remote window control with English voice command, remote engine start, and remote AC start/stop are a few of Kia’s most well-liked connected car features. But the company’s need for the Sonet has outpaced its need for the Seltos in recent months.

The head of sales and business for kia india, Myung-Sik Sohn, said that the company has distinguished itself in the market with its superior design and technological capabilities. Customers want their cars to fit seamlessly into their lives in this hyperconnected world of ours.

With a 65% share, the Seltos is the main driver of kia india overall sales of connected cars. Consumer preference for Seltos models has also continuously favored versions with Connected Car features, which account for 57% of all Seltos sales.

Similar to the Seltos, 31% of Carens buyers choose Connected Car models, indicating a trend in the market. Even though there are currently only 7 Sonet models with telematics, these models account for a sizable 21% of Sonet sales overall. Kia stated in a press release that it has continuously led the way in integrating cutting-edge Connected Car features into its cars.

Among the most well-liked attributes are: Hinglish Commands: Using Hinglish commands such as “Sunroof Kholo,” users can now conveniently access the car’s features; Give consumers the ability to remotely operate their car’s windows; Remote AC and Engine Start: Preserves the vehicle’s temperature and readiness for simple sitting and driving; and Valet Mode: Limits access to your AVNT while safeguarding your privacy, according to the press release.

kia india Chief Sales and Business Officer, Myung-sik Sohn, stated: “We have set our brand apart in the market with our superior design and technology. The demand for technology-enabled cars is rising as a result of consumers’ desire for their vehicles to be seamlessly integrated with their lifestyles in today’s hyperconnected world. To provide our new-age customers with a safer, more connected, and enjoyable driving experience, we will keep introducing more and more connected car features.

More than 44% of kia india domestic sales are now of these connected car models, making them an exceptional success story in the auto sector.

With a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 30.9 percent, kia india connected car variants are growing at an impressive rate, outpacing the 18% global growth forecast by 2032.

With the Seltos accounting for 65% of all sales, kia india connected car sales are led by this model. Seltos models with connected car features are becoming more and more popular; these models account for 57% of all Seltos sales. This trend is also closely followed by the Carens, where 31% of its customers select connected car models. Even though there are currently only 7 Sonet variants with telematics, they nevertheless account for a sizeable 21% of Sonet sales overall.



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