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Hot Stocks: Broker Perspectives on (icici lombard), HDFC Bank, L&T Technology, and Gail India.

L&T Technologies has been rated as underweight by Morgan Stanley, Nu Vasive downgraded HDFC Bank following third-quarter earnings, and ICICI Lombard is still rated as overweight. UBS has not changed its Gail India rating.

We’ve put together a list of top brokerage firms’ recommendations for L&T Technology Services, including Morgan Stanley: Underweight | ₹4600 is the target.

icici lombard

L&T Technology Services has been rated as underweight by Morgan Stanley, with a ₹4,600 target price. Though the third quarter results were disappointing, the management’s feedback was positive.

Strong deal pipelines and recent deal victories are preferred by global investment banks. We consider it “comforting” that no discernible decline was seen in any vertical during the ensuing second quarter.

Given the stock’s impressive performance, Morgan Stanley thinks that, in the fiscal year 2025, physical momentum in development might be necessary; otherwise, the stock’s performance might deteriorate.

Hold | Target: ₹1730 for NuVasive on HDFC Bank.

In light of the third-quarter results, NuVasive revised its target price from ₹1,770 to ₹1,730 and decided to postpone purchasing HDFC Bank.

There was a significant drop in LCAR, fees, and credit cost miss for NII. Due to a -4% decrease in loan growth for FY25/26, the brokerage firm has reduced income by 5-6% and main income by 8%.

The strongest banking brand in India is still HDFC Bank, but the company’s short- to medium-term earnings outlook could be difficult.

On ICICI Lombard, Morgan Stanley is overweight with a ₹1750 target.

With a target price of ₹1,750, Morgan Stanley keeps an overweight rating on ICICI Lombard. Because the company’s underwriting profits were extremely low, the stock underperformed the consensus by 10% to 15%.

The management has projected that by the end of the 2015 fiscal year, the combined ratio will be 102%. Early indications of lowered competitive intensity in the motor segment were mentioned.

In FY2025, there is a chance that the health industry will grow at a faster rate; therefore, continued development is essential.

Buy at UBS on Gail India; target is ₹190.

With Gail India, UBS has maintained its buy rating and raised the target price from ₹150 to ₹190. The potential for income growth has not been fully assessed. In EBITDA, Transmission EBITDA is expected to expand. The business is looking for long-term transmission agreements.

Global Investment Bank projects that in FY25–26, Gas Trading EBITDA will stay at ₹4,500 crores. Lower LNG prices may help the petrochemical industry turn a profit again.



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