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Would the TVS Apache RTR 310 be the best motorcycle upgrade? Five crucial realizations.

The TVS is a really nice motorcycle that will make you smile a lot, even though the KTM 390 Duke has more power and is therefore more thrilling.

I’ve been smiling ever since I got the chance to spend some time with a brand-new tvs apache rtr 310 BTO motorcycle.

I covered a few hundred kilometers on the motorcycle over the course of a few days, which included a significant amount of city commuting as well as a quick weekend morning ride. This has helped me get a good idea of the improvements TVS has made to the 310 platform.

tvs apache rtr 310

I was really impressed with the tvs apache rtr 310 BTO when I got to test ride it in the Nilgiris back in 2021.

I had brought up the following at the time.

BMW and TVS teamed together a few years ago to develop a 312.2 cc motorcycle platform. The two partnering companies divided their offerings according to styling and positioning in order to prevent direct competition between them. Whereas TVS received the faired version, BMW received the adventure (GS310) and naked (G310R) models. TVS could have capitalized on their successful RTR heritage by acquiring the 310 platform’s naked version, in my opinion. The scores of RTR 150, 160, 180, and 200 owners would have logically improved with a naked RTR 310. But the script for history was different.

Is this the ideal motorcycle upgrade that current TVS enthusiasts have been waiting for, now that the eagerly anticipated tvs apache rtr 310 is finally beginning to make an appearance in owners’ hands (in its bewildering combination of paint schemes and BTO avatars)? It’s an emphatic yes in my books!

To encapsulate my experience using the tvs apache rtr 310 BTO

This is a very stylish, fully loaded motorcycle that you will love to spank twice on Sundays and/or public holidays in addition to on weekdays. When was the last time, in our varied real-world Indian riding conditions, that I experienced this mix of playful and explosive fun while riding a motorcycle?

It was astounding how many conversations this motorcycle started with both regular bikers and an unfathomably large segment of enthusiasts. Never before have so many people approached me to discuss the motorcycle I was riding. At all.
With the trade-off being a lack of highway performance, I fully expected the motorcycle to be a pleasure to ride in the city given the reputation of the tvs apache rtr 310 platform and TVS’ emphasis on the Freestyler concept for the tvs apache rtr 310.

Whoa, was I mistaken? The motorcycle performs incredibly well on the highway and is a complete hoot in the city. The best thing about this motorcycle is that, depending on your riding style or mood, you can enjoy it while riding it quietly. It’s not a motorcycle that, er, constantly wants to race and punishes you for not keeping it hot all the time.

To the dismay of my fellow motorcycle riders, I tend to be a fairly calm rider. I’ve always been Mr. Calm and Composed on our roads, regardless of the motorcycle I’m riding. But the tvs apache rtr 310 did the unimaginable and reawakened my inner hooligan. I’ve been dodging in and out of Bangalore’s notorious traffic like the squid that I am (not?), thanks to the motorcycle’s cat-like agility. I was even able to carry speeds comfortably 10 to 15 kmph faster than I usually did on the highways.

Numerous elements, such as the superb chassis, the grippy tires, the weight centralization, and more, all played a part in this.

You might wonder, given how much I loved the motorcycle, what could possibly be disliked. To be honest, this one truly left me scratching my head. Although the bite is good, the front brake doesn’t feel the best at first. The rear brake had a distinctly hazy feel to it. Aside from that, I think TVS made a mistake by providing an excessive number of options for the Apache RTR 310. That is all. This is an exceptionally good motorcycle right out of the box.

I’ve said on the forum before that the 310 platform’s lack of horsepower and torque caused Indian motorcycle enthusiasts to believe it was always half a step behind the other exciting motorcycles. When it comes to concealing this shortcoming in the real world, the Apache RTR 310 excels at what it does best: being an enjoyable, well-rounded motorcycle that never fails to make you smile broadly.

Indeed, the KTM Duke 390’s extra horsepower will make it a more thrilling weekend ride than the Apache RTR 310, and for the majority of purchasers, a comparison of the two models’ value for money is unavoidable. I wouldn’t be shocked if the Apache RTR 310 ends up being the better all-around motorcycle for most impartial Indian enthusiasts who can only have one motorcycle in their garage. However, I haven’t ridden the most recent Duke 390, so I can’t offer an honest opinion at this time.



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