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Actress Shivangi Varma celebrates International Happiness Day by stating that happiness is a feeling and a mental state.

Shivangi Varma, a television and film actress, says that life is too short to be depressed and unhappy on March 20, which is recognized as International Day of Happiness.

The International Day of Happiness was first observed on March 20, 2012, after a resolution was passed by the UN General Assembly on July 12, 2012. Since then, the same date has been observed yearly to commemorate this unique day.

March 20 is designated as International Happiness Day each year. To encourage contentment, wellness, and awareness of mental health, this day is observed. “I think that every day should be a day of happiness,” said Shivangi Varma, who was last seen in the control room, during her speech on this occasion. Why is there a need for a dedicated day to honor happiness? For me, happiness is a feeling, a condition of mind.

Shivangi Varma

Our lives are not complete without happiness. Finding something to hold onto that can bring us happiness and use it as motivation is important in life. Though we are filled with a thousand emotions, the two that help us look forward to the next day are happiness and hope.

Taking pleasure in the things we attempt to do, be, and anticipate helps us envision the life we will lead in the future. Happiness is important to human survival because it helps us to believe that tomorrow will be better.

In the television series Control Room, Yash Patnaik and Mamta Patnaik portray a forensic expert played by actress Shivangi Varma, who is well-known for her roles in the movies Pitcher 2 (2023), Black Rose (2020), and Himesh Reshammiya: In Your Love (2021). She has already stated that while preparing for this role, Vikrant Massey’s character in Forensic served as her inspiration.

According to Shivangi Varma, all comes together when you maintain your happiness. Simple pleasures, like trips to Delhi, bring me joy. Delhi is where I feel most content. I call it home. My friends are in Delhi and my parents are still there, so I’m happy to be spending time with them. I’m a foodie, so I adore food, and street food is very popular in Delhi. I love chaat of every kind, including golgappas and aloo tikki. These things make me happy, and the best way for me to be happy is to spend time with myself.

Being a family girl, Shivangi Varma entire world centers around her family. Saying, “It was really satisfying to see the smile and pride in my parents’ eyes when I gave them my first paycheck from my first job,” she recalled a moment when she felt like she was on the moon. I was happy at that very moment. I think that the reason we all exist is to see my parents happy and content.

She actually has the best day ever when she speaks with her parents. She was talking about what makes her happy right away when she said, “I feel like my parents solve my problems, so talking to them makes me happy right away. I only turn to my parents when I am in trouble or have a dilemma. I also turn to them when something extraordinary or really wonderful occurs because I know they will be the happiest. I’ll perform to the best of my abilities, which will immediately make me happy.

Regarding professional issues, she disputes the notion that her career determines her level of happiness. According to her, if one’s personal life is not progressing in the desired direction, it will not necessarily lead to success in their professional life. It is crucial to establish equilibrium between the two.

She also underlined the significance of striking a balance between one’s personal and professional lives, stating that “if one thing goes wrong, everything goes wrong.” Effective time management, boundary-setting, and prioritization in one’s personal and professional life are critical life skills. Most importantly, one needs to retain their maturity and bandwidth in order to comprehend everything mentioned above. I’m able to keep both facets of my life in balance in this way.

Something you would like to say to your supporters? There’s never enough time to be depressed and hopeless, so always be cheerful and smile. Make it worthwhile. in light of Shivangi Varma statement that “life should be long and grand.”


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