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Are arbaaz khan dating makeup artist Shura Khan. after the breakup with Georgia Andriani? Here’s what we know…

arbaaz khan dating who dated Georgia Andriani after separating from Malaika Arora, is reportedly in a romantic relationship with Bollywood makeup artist Shura Khan.

In 2017, after officially separating from his wife Malaika Arora, arbaaz khan dating has been in a relationship with Georgia Andriani for quite some time. He was married to Malaika for 19 years.

arbaaz khan dating

Recently, Georgia confirmed in an interview that arbaaz khan dating and she have parted ways for reasons known only to them. According to News 18’s report, Arbaaz has openly found love again and is reportedly dating Bollywood makeup artist Shura Khan.

The report also states that Shura and Arbaaz are planning to get married soon.

arbaaz khan dating Shura are deeply committed to their relationship and are planning to tie the knot soon.

The report suggests that the ceremony is expected to be an intimate affair, with family and selected close friends in attendance.

The report also mentions that arbaaz khan dating Shura first met on the set of their upcoming film ‘Patna Shukla,’ slated for release next year. According to Shura’s Instagram, she is professionally involved as a makeup artist and has worked with Raveena Tandon and her daughter Rasha Thadani.

Meanwhile, in her interview, Georgia highlighted the lack of shared interests as a significant factor behind their breakup. Emphasizing the importance of common interests in a relationship, she revealed that unfortunate circumstances led to a lack of mutual hobbies or activities between her and arbaaz khan dating posing challenges to their relationship.

Georgia revealed that despite the end of their romantic relationship, she and Arbaaz have maintained their friendship. They continue to share jokes, and she has expressed constant affection towards him. Georgia mentioned that typically, after a breakup, there can be bitterness and reduced communication between individuals, but in their case, she and Arbaaz are still in contact, and their relationship remains positive.


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