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(arvind kejriwal news) declared following the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Chandigarh mayoral elections, “BJP does not win elections, it steals.”

According to arvind kejriwal news, today’s historic ruling in the Jegarh mayor’s race came from the Honorable Supreme Court.

He observed that in the Chandigarh elections, it was evident that the INDIA alliance received 20 votes, while the JP received 16. How the A alliance’s eight out of twenty votes were ruled invalid, Kuldeep Kumar, the N candidate, was declared the winner, and the BJP the loser.

arvind kejriwal news

A landmark ruling on the Chandigarh mayoral election was rendered by the Supreme Court. The AAP candidate Kuldeep Kumar was declared the winner by the court after it rejected the returning officer’s results. In addition, the returning officer is the subject of court orders to be dealt with. The ruling by the Supreme Court was hailed as a democratic triumph by the Aam Aadmi Party. In the meantime, Aam Aadmi Party leader arvind kejriwal news took aim at the BJP.

arvind kejriwal news stated at a press conference that today

The Supreme Court of India in the Chandigarh municipal election.There has been a historic choice made. Everyone witnessed how

It was evident from Chandigarh elections that 20 votes meant India

were from the coalition, with 16 coming from the BJP. eight votes out of twenty How the alliance with India was deemed void went on to defeat Kuldeep Kumar, the alliance candidate declared it to have occurred and the BJP to have won.

He claimed to have seen the entire process and to have heard the case swiftly when it reached the Supreme Court. Obtain the ballot paper, check it for yourself, and announce the outcome. For the first time in Indian history, this has occurred. We are very grateful to the Supreme Court. In a situation where democracy is being undermined nationwide and all of the institutions are collapsing, the Supreme Court’s ruling is crucial.

This is the INDIA alliance’s triumph: arvind kejriwal news

This is a significant and historic win for the INDIA alliance, according to arvind kejriwal news. This is really significant. We have, as it were, taken this victory away from them.

The votes and elections were pilfered by the BJP. We persisted. We didn’t give up and ultimately prevailed. This is a significant win that sends a strong message to the nation about those who claim the BJP is unbeatable. With unity, we can defeat the BJP. The outcome of this election served as evidence of this. I commend the members of the INDIA alliance. For the Chandigarh people, this was a win.

“The BJP rigged the Chandigarh elections”

The entire nation witnessed the BJP’s electoral victory. In all, 36 votes were cast in this election. Eight of these were pilfered by BJP members. 25% of the votes were stolen. There will be a significant election in the nation in a few days. It has ninety crore votes. The thought of how many votes they will steal out of 90 crore votes, assuming they can only take 25% of the 36 votes, makes the soul tremble. It used to be said that members of the BJP cause problems and

Nothing will endure if democracy collapses.

The entire nation will have to believe that nothing will remain if democracy is not sold. Given how confidently they are stating this today

that 370 seats will be available. A challenge, in a sense, to the nation’s citizens These folks are arguing that your vote is not necessary. There are 370 seats available. They are so filled with faith 370 Something is wrong; where is the seat coming from?

He. If political parties in a nation begin to openly declare that they do not require votes prior to elections
Yes, a vote is not required. That nation does not practice democracy. The nation must unite in order to preserve democracy. For this reason It is evident that these individuals do not win elections, they

The BJP was the target of opposition

Following the verdict from the Supreme Court, opposition party leaders are going after the BJP. Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the Congress, claimed that Christ is merely a pawn in the BJP’s plot to destroy democracy, which has Modi’s face hidden behind it.

Bhagwant Mann, the chief minister of Punjab, declared, “The truth has finally won out.” We applaud the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Chandigarh mayoralty elections. Kuldeep Kumar of the AAP was proclaimed mayor by the CJI, upholding the eight votes that the presiding officer had rejected. They have received a fitting response to the BJP’s open acts of hooliganism. Many congratulations to the people of Chandigarh on this significant democratic victory.


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