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China will be aggravated by the UAE’s additional gift, the Abu Dhabi Temple.

Abu Dhabi Temple The Israel Hamas war has caused a great deal of conflict in the Middle East. Because the India-Middle East Economic Corridor must pass through the Middle East, there were rumors that it would be in jeopardy under such circumstances. However, there has been a noticeable advancement in this area between India and the Gulf nation during PM Modi’s visit to the UAE.Abu Dhabi Temple

The war between Israel and Hamas has increased regional tension, but Prime Minister Narendra Modi has welcomed the UAE’s continued work on the India Middle East Economic Corridor, which will connect India to Europe via the Middle East. have come to a consensus with. China may become more concerned about this as it is the second significant gift that India has received from the UAE, following the opening of the Abu Dhabi Temple in the UAE capital of Abu Dhabi on Wednesday.

Abu Dhabi Temple

It was assumed that this corridor would be shelved since the start of the Middle East conflict, but this agreement with the UAE shows that India is serious about it and that construction can begin shortly. As.Abu Dhabi Temple

Vinay Kwatra, the foreign secretary of India, has reported that PM Modi met with Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the president of the United Arab Emirates, on Tuesday in Abu Dhabi. During their meeting, the two leaders had serious discussions about the ongoing conflict in the Red Sea and the Israel-Hamas war.

He said that the two presidents decided to begin construction on the comprehensive India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor, or IMEC.

Speaking to journalists in Abu Dhabi, the foreign secretary said The ongoing war in the Red Sea and Gaza Considering that both leaders talked about the problems and kept a watch on Have continued, the tense situation is still cause for concern. Ensuring that economic cooperation continues, that activities are carried out, and that its pace is not allowed to slow down are equally important.

The BRI initiative in China will have fierce competition Abu Dhabi Temple

An ambitious project called the IMEC Corridor will connect Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel, India, and the United Arab Emirates with Europe. The project calls for the construction of rail and sea lanes that will link Europe and India via the Middle East. This project aims to expedite and lower the cost of freight transportation while fostering trade.

During the G-20 summit that was held in India last year, India, the United States, and other allies made their official announcement. The ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ (BRI) of China is viewed as competition for this corridor. Naturally, any advancement in this corridor will worry China.Abu Dhabi Temple

Since its inception, India has opposed China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) because Pakistan’s Occupied Kashmir is crossed by the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. This is regarded by India as an infringement on its sovereignty.

Additionally, agreements on bilateral investment treaties were reached.

On the first day of PM Modi’s visit to the UAE on Tuesday, ten memorandums of understanding were signed between India and the UAE.Abu Dhabi Temple

In a statement, India’s Ministry of External Affairs said that during PM Modi’s visit to the UAE, a bilateral investment treaty was also reached, and both nations committed to cooperating on digital infrastructure and power connections.

PM Modi spoke to thousands of Indian expats residing in the United Arab Emirates during his visit. During his seventh visit to the United Arab Emirates since 2015, Prime Minister Modi referred to the country’s president as his brother.

This demonstrates that the two countries’ relations have advanced to a new level. The second and final day of PM Modi’s tour, which took place on Wednesday, he paid a visit to the massive Hindu temple located in Abu Dhabi Temple


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