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(ICC U19 World Cup) Pakistan defeats Bangladesh by a narrow margin to advance to the semifinals.

A masterful fifer was taken by Uzaid Shah as they defeated Bangladesh for 150 runs.ICC U19 World Cup

After defeating Bangladesh by five runs in a super-six match at Willowmoore Park on February 3 for the ICC U19 World Cup, Pakistan secured the final semi-final spot.

Bangladesh, the 2020 SA champions, saw their hopes of a repeat triumph cruelly dashed, while Pakistan accomplished the unimaginable by pulling off a victory from the jaws of defeat.

After winning the toss and opting to bowl first, the Tigers bowled first and limited their subcontinental rivals to a manageable 155 all out, largely because of two bowling masterworks, Rohanat Doullah Borson and Sheikh Paevez Jibon, who each claimed four wicket in ICC U19 World Cup.

After the first power play saw Pakistani openers Shamyl Hussein and Shahzaib Khan (26 off 67) steadily build the innings, Borson’s team took the lead in the ninth over when Hussein was removed.

ICC U19 World Cup

Emerging from behind the wicket, the seamer unleashed a ripper that pitched off and swung back inside. Hussein planned to go, but he misjudged the ball and it went past the off stump, leaving him at 19 off 31.

Azan Awais (6 off 6) was removed by Borson with a thick outside edge to keeper Ashfiqur Rahman Shibli on the fourth ball of the 11th over, despite Pakistan posting 50/1 during the power play.ICC U19 World Cup

In the 17th over, after he was run out from point by Ariful Islam with a direct hit, came Saad Baig (9 from 21). The Pakistanis paid a heavy price for their hesitation.

Jibon had already taken out Khan, but Borson had already claimed his third wicket of the day, taking out Ahmad Hassan (11 off 25). Hassan attempted to pull it after the seamer landed it short, but he failed and the ball ended up in the keeper’s hands instead.

With a flatter delivery, the off-spinner bagged his second wicket. Haroon Arshad (7 off 9) knelt to smash it out of the park, but his shot lacked force. Ahrar Amin made a great catch diving forward at long-on, but he instead gained more height than distance.ICC U19 World Cup

Arafat Minhas (34 off 40) hit a four past the third man boundary to take Pakistan to 100 in the thirtyth over, but when they were unable to form any meaningful partnerships, the wickets continued to fall.

Jibon served it full after Amin caught Ali Asfand (19 from 29). Reverse sweep was attempted by the batsman, but the ball went straight to the fielder at point.

Pakistan only managed 155, allowing Bangladesh to win with 156 thanks to wickets taken by Borshon, Jibon, and Mahfuzur Rahman Rabby with the final three wickets.

Pakistan wins under Shah Fifer’s direction.

Ubaid Shah responded by grabbing 5/44 as he came out swinging to assist his team in dismissing Bangladesh for 150.

Bangladesh had made a good start, but Shah broke through in the third over when he removed Jishan Alam (19 off 12). Alam attempted to block a lifter, but instead received a thin edge that Baig easily caught behind the stumps.

Bangladesh lost two wickets in the opening power play, but the seamer claimed his second with a brilliant short ball that Shibli nicked to the keeper.

In the 16th over, Arshad caught Amin in the slip after he attempted to drive a fuller delivery, which resulted in his third wicket.

The 18-year-old finished the game with five wickets after taking the wickets of Jibon and Muhammad Jhihab James.

Ali Raza, who removed Islam, Chowdhury Rizwan, and Mahfuzur Rahman Rabby, supported him. At Willowmoore Park on February 6, Mohammad Zeeshan cleaned up the tail to help his team advance to the semifinals where they will play Australia.ICC U19 World Cup


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