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In order to compete with Apple, Oneplus unveiled its new (oneplus pad go) and Watch in an exclusive interview.

The EU-only version of the oneplus pad go tablet and the Oneplus Watch 2 are the two new products that Oneplus plans to release. I spoke with Bingo Liu, CEO of Oneplus Europe, about the new products and their design philosophy.

In recent months, the company released the Oneplus Watch 2, an upgraded version of its original smartwatch that garnered positive reviews in every way. Liu informed me that sales of the new watch have also been successful. The response has been extraordinary. We sold out of it in the first eighteen hours, which makes it our best-selling product over the previous two years.

oneplus pad go

What makes oneplus pad go version unique to the EU, and why did it go this way? At Oneplus, we launch products according to our projections, local demand, and priorities. In the past, we have introduced unique products designed for particular markets or geographical areas, such as Europe.

After three years, Oneplus released the Watch 2, which is our second one. The question “What makes a smartwatch great?” served as the starting point for the product’s launch. An unanimous list of expectations—great performance, exceptional battery life, precise fitness tracking, and an enjoyable user experience—was reached after we carried out surveys, studied literature, spoke with members of our community, and much more.

As a result, the watch was launched in February, coinciding with the introduction of the new model. On the other hand, the Oneplus Watch 2’s success will have a significant impact on the new, EU-only watch that was introduced earlier this year. Our goal is to provide a product that radically transforms every element of your life, whether it be at work or the gym, on an unexpected Sunday excursion or over dinner with friends.

oneplus pad go appears to be highlighting how crucial Europe is to the company’s success. Indeed, Liu says with great emphasis. When it comes to our prospects for growth, Europe has always been vital. This is a very vibrant and helpful community, and the recent success of our products in Europe highlights the region’s strategic significance for us. Our first foldable smartphone has been unveiled.

oneplus pad go Open was the first smartphone in Oneplus’s European history to be fully sold out prior to release. Within 24 hours of the launch, another batch of Oneplus Opens went completely sold out.

Liu explains that it is not surprising that the company has such ambitious plans for this area. Since we have had such great success in Europe, we are committed to building a strong premium brand there as well. This is important because it represents a shift in our business strategy from selling flagship smartphones to building exclusive ecosystems. Because the definition of a “great technological experience” has changed, so too are we.

Establishing an Ecosystem

What views does the company have about this change? For us, a wonderful smartphone experience was very important to a “great technological experience” ten years ago. The world is, however, far more connected in 2024 than it was in any previous year. It has, in our opinion, evolved into a fantastic ecosystem and is now more than just a gadget. gadgets that connect to their surroundings and operate flawlessly with one another.

The Oneplus Buds Pro 2, which debuted in February of last year, the oneplus pad go flagship tablet, foldable devices, and many other items are all part of the ecosystem—including earbuds.

The Pad Go tablet has been updated.

However, Liu’s topic of discussion today is the new tablet, which is distinct from the Oneplus Pad. The oneplus pad go will soon be available in Europe, I’m happy to announce. Our first tablet, the Oneplus Pad, was met with great popularity, much like the response to the Oneplus Watch 2, so it makes sense to offer more to consumers.

With its noteworthy 2.4K display, Oneplus Pad Go is a mid-range entertainment tablet that caters to a different market niche within the oneplus pad go family. It is affordable for individuals who wish to explore the Oneplus ecosystem, while still providing fantastic quality and accessibility.

Then, I wonder, why is Europe getting so much attention? The European smartphone market, like the rest of the technology industry, is always changing. We have a sizable fan base in this area, which is crucial for our brand, but people are really excited about our newest devices. It’s the ideal location to realize our goal. a thorough product experience for all users. oneplus pad go is prepared to take on the challenge and compete with market leaders in terms of both device quantity and quality sold in Europe.

However, one company, Apple, rules the tablet market, particularly in the high-end market. Is that the reason Oneplus is concentrating more on the entry-level market?

Comprehensive market research serves as the foundation for every product decision. We are eager to confidently increase the selection of tablets we offer in light of the great reception Oneplus Pad and its community response, as well as the favorable reviews Oneplus Pad Go has garnered in India.

The purpose of Oneplus Pad Go is to reach out to young people in Europe, who frequently use tablets for a variety of entertainment purposes. With its 2.4K display, this tablet shines in visual experiences like web browsing, file editing, and watching videos. This proves once again that a tablet’s outstanding screen is its distinguishing feature and greatly improves the viewing experience.

Date of Launch

The price of Pad Go, which will be crucial to its success, in my opinion, is one of the details Liu is serious about disclosing. The official launch will take place in Finland in the upcoming weeks. Liu is able to reveal certain details at this point. I can tell that design is important even though I am not yet able to share specifics about our new watch that is intended specifically for the EU. Smartwatches are now more than just useful tools; they are now tools for expressing one’s individuality and sense of style. Wearable technology is more than just a toy; it’s a style statement that conveys a person’s individuality and preferences.

Although we were aware that the Oneplus Watch 2’s features were among the best in the business, some members of our community insisted on having a watch that could enhance every part of their lives—from the gym to the office, from a spontaneous Sunday stroll to a dinner with friends. We have therefore taken inspiration from Europe, especially the Nordic countries, to create a product that will appeal to European customers and meet their needs for a device that adapts to them no matter where they are or what they’re doing, day or night.

What about the tablet, too? The Oneplus Pad Go is our best value tablet option, but it still packs a lot of functionality for the money. The cutting-edge display on the Oneplus Pad Go, which boasts the highest resolution on the market right now, is its standout feature. We’ve included functionalities for eye care and Dolby Atmos, two powerful features.

The Oneplus Pad Go offers numerous intelligent features and seamlessly integrates with Oneplus smartphones. For instance, it guarantees cellular data sharing on non-LTE models and makes it simple to share files and galleries between the tablet and Oneplus smartphones. Comparing it to regular hotspot connections, it provides a more dependable and power-efficient connection method. On this device, our users have access to a plethora of tricks.


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