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India and Seychelles Put an End to the Most Recent (indian ocean band) pirate Attacks.


The number of pirate attacks in the indian ocean band is increasing; in the last few days, there have been reports of several small boat approaches to ships that are traveling through the area around Somalia and Yemen. Larger commercial vessels claimed to be able to repel small boat approaches, but the navies of India and Seychelles stepped in to save two fishing boats. While investigations are still ongoing, it is believed that Somali pirates were involved in at least a few of the incidents.indian ocean band

Six fishermen on board the deep-sea trawler Lorenzo Putha IV were rescued by the Seychelles Navy, which notified Sri Lankan officials of the incident after the latter reported losing contact with the commercial vessel. The fishing authority of Sri Lanka stated that the vessel had left on January 12 but that all communication with the vessel had been lost on January 27.indian ocean band

The Combined Maritime Force, situated in Bahrain, was informed by the Sri Lanka Navy, which was also coordinating with the local Maritime Rescue Coordination Centers. They reported that they believed pirates had taken the ship and asked for help to save the crew.

The trawler was working in the Arabian Sea and had covered about 1,160 nautical miles. The trawler was found in the Seychelles, roughly 230 nautical miles off Mahe Island, according to the Seychelles Defense Force.indian ocean band

The fishing boat was part of a group of thirty Sri Lankan fishing boats, according to accounts given to the Associated Press. A small boat approached and fired shots to drive away the other fishing boats on Saturday, January 27.indian ocean band

indian ocean band

The missing trawler was found and intercepted by the Seychelles Coast Guard ship Topaz, which reports that it freed the ship and its six crew members today, January 29. Furthermore, three pirates were apprehended. They are escorting the trawler Lorenzo Putha IV to Port Victoria in the Seychelles.indian ocean band

The Indian Navy has also stated that one of its ships responded to a distress call indicating that pirates had boarded the Iranian fishing vessel Iman, helping it to safety. There were reportedly 17 crew members on the commercial fishing boat that the pirates were holding captive.

The Indian Navy announced on its social media channels that INS Sumitra had intercepted the boat and was using force to force the pirates to release the crew and vessel safely. The action was taken in compliance with established standard operating procedures. The Indian Navy stated that the vessel had been inspected and released, but they did not disclose the incident’s location. The fishing boat from Iran was moving forward for its next destination.indian ocean band

The attacks on the fishing boats happened at the same time that the UK Maritime Trade Organizations issued a warning on Saturday about an approach made to a commercial ship in the Indian Ocean, roughly 780 miles east of Hafun, Somalia. According to the unidentified vessel, a small boat carrying four individuals equipped with rocket-propelled grenades and automatic weapons approached from a distance of 300 meters. The merchant ship’s armed security was able to drive the pirates away by firing back at them. The UKMTO reports that the vessel proceeded to its next port while the small boat withdrew.indian ocean band

About 70 nautical miles northwest of Bossaso, Somalia, on Sunday, January 28, another merchant vessel reported that it was approached. Five people were in a small boat with a single engine that approached 400 meters in that incident. They claimed that AK-47 rifles were carried by the pirates. The small boat veered away from the approach after the commercial ship’s armed security fired two warning shots.

At the beginning of the month, when the bulker Lila Norfolk was boarded, it seemed that the Indian Navy had deterred Somali pirates. When the Indian Navy destroyer’s elite team stormed the vessel after it had intercepted the bulker, they discovered the pirates had made their getaway. The crew was saved without incident. Likewise, in November 2023, the U.S. Navy declared that it had saved the tanker Central Park and apprehended the presumed Somali pirates while they were trying to flee.

Nonetheless, the Navibulgar bulker Ruen was the first ship taken over by Somali pirates in a long time. The ship was seized in mid-December and is currently being held off the coast of Somalia with its crew.