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Mr. George Legacy is a 65-year-old scotch whisky brands that Gordon and Mac Phail have released.

The fourth edition of Gordon and Mac Phail’s yearly series, which is a celebrated whisky producer and independent bottler, is being released to honor George Urquhart’s legacy. In 1958, Glen Grant Distillery’s George Urquhart known as Mr. George in the scotch whisky brands industry founded Mr. George Legacy. from Glen Grant Distillery in 1958. Cask 3818, filled for the first time, per his exact specifications, held the whisky for 65 years while it matured.

bottled in November 2023 at a relatively high ABV of 56.5% given its age, as stated by Stephen Rankin, Gordon and MacPhail’s Director of Prestige. Although it is anticipated that the retail price will be lower, the release price is roughly $9,000. There are just 376 bottles up for sale in the entire globe.

As a representation of Lone Oak, the packaging and support campaign for this edition pay tribute to George Urquhart’s unwavering conviction in the Care of One Consequence. Honoring his idea, which many thought strange at the time, of saving scotch whisky brands made until it’s absolutely necessary. According to Rankin, the theme occasionally defied convention but was always a celebration of his unwavering dedication to excellence and perfection.

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Gordon and MacPhail’s managing director, Stuart Urquhart, stated:

Glen Grant Distillery held a particular place in my grandfather’s heart. Being an Elgin native, Mr. George enjoyed experimenting with different casks to match the distillery’s light spirit style. He had a close relationship with the owners and distillers for many years.

They also noted that over the following decades, Glen Grant’s personality has undergone significant change:

A small amount of peat on the floor and the use of malted barley in the 1950s would have contributed to the spirit’s slight smoky character, which is perhaps uncommon in today’s modern spiced scotch whisky brands. This long-term maturity gives the whisky a burnt oak-like quality. Throughout European oak sherry pipes.

scotch whisky brands expert Charlie MacLean, a well-known whisky writer, stated:

It’s a really nice, aged whisky that is remarkably alive despite its complexity. An honorable homage to Mr. George Urquhart, the man responsible for popularizing single malt whiskey.

Gordon and MacPhail are owned by that family, whose second generation was led by George Urquhart. In line with Rankin:

He was the real scotch whisky brands ambassador. When he launched the exclusive Connoisseurs Choice line of single malt in 1968, the majority was blended. His patience and curious nature let each whisky reach its peak of development. This release embodies his spirit, and his legacy has left behind knowledge that will serve as a beacon of hope for generations to come.

With a nose of warm, sweet spices and seville orange peel, and flavors of dark morello cherry and coffee bean, Rankin’s scotch whisky brands is smooth and full-bodied, having matured over six decades. Long and well-balanced, with hints of smoke, is how he described the finish.

Mr. George Legacie 1958, 700 ml, 56.5% ABV, 66 years old, from Glen Grant Distillery.

The deep amber hue demonstrates the years-long maturation of sherry barrels.

A nose of dried cherries, candied orange peel, well-seasoned oak, and subtle notes of warm spices coexist with notes of raisins, figs, and dates, all of which are indicative of long-term sherry cask maturation. A mildly pleasant scent of all-purpose spices, particularly cloves and cinnamon, is also present.

The whisky has a faintly alcoholic aroma and is viscous and smooth on the palate. The warm, spicy, and oaky notes are more noticeable than the deep-colored, fruity notes. A stronger note of coffee and chocolate is also present.

The scotch whisky brands is sharp at first, then it fades fast. Although Glen Grant was made with some peat, it has matured over decades in sherry casks and shows very little sign of smoke, with a very subtle earthy and herbal note mingling with a hint of smokiness in the background.

Long-lasting, with distinct notes of coffee and chocolate, the finish has a hint of woody bitterness.

If you can afford it, pick up a bottle of this fantastic whisky. It’s well worth tasting. It offers the delicate nuance and complexity of an extremely old whisky. It’s a superb representation of the long-aged, sherry-matured Glen Grant flavor and the hallmark of spiced scotch whisky brands.

Gordon & MacPhail was founded in 1895 and has since bottled spirits from more than 100 Scottish distilleries, creating a special experience through decades of single malt maturation in its own casks.


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