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Super Bowl: A peanut allergy joke in an (uber eats india) commercial has drawn criticism.

An apparent joke about a man experiencing a peanut butter allergy in an uber eats india commercial during the Super Bowl has sparked backlash.

The nonprofit Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) expressed its “surprisal and disappointment” at the company’s use of allergies as a comedy.

The advertisement was deemed “disgusting, tone-deaf, and completely unnecessary” by one individual, who is allergic to peanuts.

For an answer, uber eats india has been contacted by the BBC.

uber eats india

In anticipation of millions of Americans watching it on Super Bowl Sunday, the company released “Don’t Forget uber eats india as its Super Bowl commercial.

Victoria Beckham and David Schwimmer, who were once co-stars on Friends, are also featured.

People forgetting things is the commercial’s central theme.

David says to Victoria, a former Spice Girl, “Remember when you used to be a Pepper Lady?” in a scene that features the Beckhams in their kitchen. “Wasn’t it the Cinnamon Sisters?” she replies.

The contentious aspect arises from a man who seems to be experiencing an allergic reaction, exhibiting facial hives and a swollen eye, and he questions whether peanuts are present in peanut butter. while examining the jar’s label.

It’s the main ingredient, he is later shown to have said.

Ads that use food allergies as a joke, according to Dr. Sung Poblete, head of the charity FARE, should worry you because they might foster bullying in kids.

Children are led to believe that there won’t be any harm and that it will be humorous by these kinds of commercials and jokes, the speaker said.

She stated that in an effort to increase awareness, she wished to inform uber eats india about what it’s like to have a food allergy.

The NHS defines anaphylaxis as an extremely rapid, potentially fatal allergic reaction. Insect stings, food, and medications can all contribute to it.

At the bottom of the screen, in a tiny font, the advertisement seems to be an attempt to hide its humor. It is important that you remember that peanut butter contains peanuts.

However, JD Arland from Indiana, who has a soy and peanut allergy, claimed that the lowermost text exacerbates the situation.

Disgusting, tone deaf, and totally unnecessary use of an allergic reaction in an advertisement, he wrote on social media to express his frustration.

This overly simplistic portrayal of anaphylaxis has cruelly tormented me throughout my life. uber eats india should stop perpetuating this offensive joke.

Mr. Arland, a content manager for a sports website, told the BBC that despite his rage, he saw a chance for instruction.

as a person who is allergic to certain foods. The challenge with ordering delivery is that you have to trust the driver, the app, or the system to communicate your special instructions to the restaurant; you also have to understand the restaurant and how it’s being prepared.

Therefore, I hope uber eats india will show the food allergy community more support on their platform.

Some fans watch the game solely to see the Super Bowl commercials, which have grown to be a significant aspect of the NFL competition.

Over 100 million people are expected to watch the San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs game on Sunday in Las Vegas.

Uber Eats will alter its Super Bowl commercial.

Before it airs, Uber Eats plans to take down a contentious depiction of peanut allergies from its Super Bowl commercial, the company announced on Friday. The extravagant advertisement, which starred the Beckhams, David Schwimmer, and Jennifer Aniston, drew harsh criticism for trivializing potentially fatal food allergies.

A man delivers a punchline in the food delivery service commercial while seemingly experiencing an allergic reaction to peanut butter. Food allergy organizations expressed their dissatisfaction in statements and asked the business to change the advertisement, pointing out that the medical condition is serious. Customers who were horrified shared their worries on social media, such as LinkedIn.


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