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Actor (rashmika mandanna) Deepfake Creator Has Been Arrested in Delhi.

Actor rashmika mandanna deepfake video went viral on social media in November of last year, sparking several calls for social media platform regulations.

According to Delhi police, the person responsible for the deepfake video that included actor rashmika mandanna was arrested today. Following the video’s social media virality in November of last year, several requests for social media platform regulations were made.

deepfake video rashmika mandanna

The allegedly deepfake video initially featured British-Indian influencer Zara Patel wearing all-black clothing as she entered an elevator. Yet, the use of deepfake technology caused Ms. Patel’s face to gradually resemble Ms. rashmika mandanna.

rashmika mandanna

Ms. rashmika mandanna conveyed her shock, describing the encounter as terrifying and drawing attention to the vulnerability people encounter when technology is abused. After the event, she stated, “Honestly, something like this scares the heck out of me and all of us because of how technology is being misused these days and makes us so vulnerable to harm.”

Following the viral release of the deepfake video, the Center issued a warning to social media sites, highlighting the legal guidelines governing deepfakes and the potential consequences associated with their creation and distribution.

Rajeev Chandrasekhar, the Union Minister, met with social media companies in December to evaluate their efforts to counteract deepfakes and false information. He said that in order to ensure that the platforms complied 100% of the time, advisories would be issued within the next two days.

Deepfakes, artificial media that manipulates both visual and aural elements through intricate algorithms, are created using artificial intelligence. A Reddit user’s 2017 announcement of a platform for the sharing of edited videos made the phrase widely known.

From that point on, deepfake technology has evolved into a tool that hackers can employ to damage the reputation of particular companies, governments, or even people.

As per the recent statement released by Union IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw, all social media companies have been served with notices directing them to undertake the requisite measures to detect and eliminate false content from their platforms.

Deepfake affects us all greatly. We recently sent out notices to all of the major social media platforms, requesting that they remove deepfakes and take action to identify them. Social media sites have answered back. They are doing something about it. They have been instructed to work more aggressively,” he said. Furthermore, we should be aware that the “Safe Harbour” Clause, which most social media companies have been benefiting from, does not apply in the event that those companies fail to take reasonable action to eliminate deepfakes from their networks.

In recent weeks, deepfake videos of Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif, Amitabh Bachchan, and even Sachin Tendulkar have gone viral on the internet, in addition to Ms. Mandanna.


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