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Review of the 2024 (GWM Tank) 500 Hybrid New Vehicle

The GWM Tank up-and-coming automaker unveiled their formidable new off-road vehicle, which lacks something even the biggest sports stars lack. The GWM Tank 500, the newest Toyota crossover, has been integrated by GWM Tank.

Appeals to similarly daring purchasers, it’s marginally longer and leaner than the bluff-nosed seven-seater Land Cruiser.

With a hybrid engine starting at $66,490, it is priced competitively with the Ford Everest and Toyota Prado on its hit list. Similar to its rivals, the GWM Tank 500 is equipped with off-road hardware, such as a full-size spare wheel on its swing-out tailgate, and operates on a robust 4WD ladder-frame platform. For peace of mind, a seven-year warranty is offered.

The Tank 500 comes in two variants, the Lux having faux leather, heated front seats, a sunroof, a 360-degree camera, a 12.3-inch digital driver display, and a 14.6-inch central infotainment wireless display Google Auto and Apple CarPlay.

The Ultra ($73,990 drive-away) model comes equipped with a 12-speaker Infinity sound system, a panoramic sunroof, retractable side steps, a head-up display, heated steering wheel, ambient lighting, noise cancellation, ventilation, and a massage function for the front seats. Nappe leather is also present.

The design rivals the interior atmosphere of Toyota or Ford with its chrome accents, wood-look trims, and premium materials. It functions. Nor is there a lack of space. Well-positioned buttons are housed in an extensive center console up front, and more buttons beneath the infotainment screen expand the configurable features. The fact that the driver alone can adjust the volume using the steering wheel makes it enjoyable.

Extending the cabin, the back is brought into focus. In the Ultra, there are blinds on the back windows, separate vents and controls, seats that slide and fold, and plenty of room for heads and knees in the middle row. It’s best to leave the third row for small adults, as they may still find the knee height and restricted legroom uncomfortable.

The Tank 500 replaces its standard diesel engine under the bonnet with a petrol one. The 2.0-liter engine, which is smaller than most diesels, produces 255kW and 648Nm when turbocharged and coupled to an electric motor. With its 8.5 liters used per 100 kilometers, the hybrid system prioritizes efficiency.

GWM Tank

With less abrupt changes in speed, the ample torque facilitates effortless acceleration.

Although the electric motor and gasoline engine don’t always work together harmoniously, there is enough power for comfortable cruising. The driver can choose from a variety of modes, including eco sport, expert, and the more common sand, mud, rocks, and snow. Sometimes, the less effective traction control can clearly intervene to reduce initial wheel spin. It improves traction in difficult conditions and is only marginally effective.

In corners, the Tank feels sturdy and substantial even with its light steering.

The suspension can have trouble taking in heavy blows, and the ride isn’t very comfortable elsewhere despite the emphasis on luxury. However, it moves confidently over uneven ground and highways, and it excels in challenging environments. Hardware-ready for descent and mudding, the Tank 500 is ready for off-road use. From the transfer case, it can crawl in low range and gradually increase to rock crawling speeds.

It has an impressive 800 mm water resistance and 224 mm of ground clearance. Aiming to maintain the long-travel rubber in contact with the ground, the metal underbody protection shields important components. There’s even a turn assist system, similar to the Land Cruiser 200 Series, that helps with tight, low-speed off-road turns by momentarily skidding the inner back wheel.

The Tank excels over its rivals in one area: prestige.

Time will tell if it can withstand Australian tracks, red dust, and mud, but it’s still unclear if some people won’t be willing to take the chance. For those who do, however, they will be treated to a polished off-road vehicle that isn’t afraid of rough terrain. The verdict is 3.5/5 for a large SUV with seven seats that is luxurious in the mainstream but excels in rough terrain.

Price of GWM Tank 500: $66,490 Drive-away

Warranty/Service: Not available for seven years or unlimited kilometers of maximum servicing.

7 airbags for safety blind-spot monitoring for auto emergency braking, lane departure warning, lane-keep assist, rear cross-traffic alert, rear auto braking driver monitoring, exit warning, and speed sensor recognition Motor: 255kW/648Nm 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged Thirst: 8.5 liters per 100 kilometers Replacement: Complete size 750 liters of cargo


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