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Gautam Adani, the CEO of Qualcomm, will meet with the adani group before they enter the (semiconductor manufacturing companies in india)!

Gautam Adani: Following a meeting between Adani and Qualcomm CEO Cristiano R Amon, there is a greater chance that the Adani Group will enter the semiconductor manufacturing companies in india.

Cristiano R Amon, the CEO of Qualcomm, had a meeting with Adani Group Chairman Gautam Adani. On Monday, Gautam Adani used the social media platform X to tweet about this meeting. He said he had picked up a lot of knowledge from the Qualcomm CEO. I am impressed by the American company’s vision for semiconductor manufacturing companies in india, emerging technologies, and artificial intelligence (AI) in India.

The Adani Group may start producing semiconductor manufacturing companies in india.

semiconductor manufacturing companies in india

The likelihood that the Adani Group will enter the semiconductor manufacturing companies in india has increased after Gautam Adani met with the CEO of Qualcomm. Adani Group CEO wrote that the company’s vision for artificial intelligence, emerging technologies, and semiconductors in India was greatly appreciated by Qualcomm CEO, and that the meeting was excellent.

This year will see the opening of a Micron Technology semiconductor manufacturing companies in india.

India has been working quickly to increase the nation’s production of semiconductors. The American company Micron Technology is building a semiconductor plant in Sanand, Gujarat. This plant will carry out the ATMP (assembly, test, mark, and package). About 22,500 crore rupees are being invested in this plant by Micron Technology. This will be the nation’s first facility for fabricating high-end semiconductors. By the end of 2024, it is anticipated to start operating. In addition to fostering the development of an ecosystem for the production of semiconductors, this plant will increase output of related raw materials.

The Tata Group and Tower semiconductor manufacturing companies in india have also suggested establishing plants.

Furthermore, the Tata Group and Israel’s Tower Semiconductor have submitted proposals to the government to build semiconductor plants. These two companies’ proposals, along with those of several others, are presently being evaluated by the government. The IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw recently stated that the Micron Technology plant employs close to 5,000 people. Three additional semiconductor units have recently received approval from the Indian government. There will be one in Assam and two in Gujarat.

For this reason, the government has created a special plan worth about 76,000 crore rupees.

After meeting with Qualcomm’s CEO, Gautam Adani and the Indian government are pushing local businesses to make investments in the chipset and artificial intelligence industries. Under the India AI Mission, the Modi administration is providing incentives for domestic businesses to invest.

Making cutting-edge chipsets for use in a variety of electronic devices, such as cars and mobile phones, China is a leader in this field. But in order to challenge China’s hegemony, Gautam Adani is entering the fray. The CEO and president of Qualcomm, Cristiano Amon, met with Adani Group founder and chairman Gautam Adani on Monday. The two of them had a lengthy conversation about expanding into new markets, including semiconductors, artificial intelligence, mobility, and edge appliances.

Adani may invest heavily in the AI and chipset industries. It is noteworthy that the Indian government is also giving local chipset manufacturing and artificial intelligence priority. The goal of the Modi administration is to keep foreign corporations from controlling this developing market. To this end, the Indian government is pushing its own companies to make chipset and AI-related investments.

producing 20,000 new jobs

Gautam Adani said that his meeting with the CEO and leadership of Qualcomm was very successful in a post on the social media platform X. Worth $15.14 billion, India has started three new semiconductor manufacturing companies in india. The Tata Group is involved in these two projects. The Cabinet has given its approval to these projects, led by Prime Minister Modi. In the technology sector, it is anticipated to generate 20,000 advanced jobs and 60,000 indirect jobs. The India AI Mission, with a ₹10,371.92 crore budget, was approved by the Cabinet last week.


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