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(swiggy bag) has declared that it will now provide food delivery services to Lakshadweep Agatti Island.

AFC Fried Chicken, City Hotel, and Mubarak Hotel are joint venture partners of swiggy bag. No deliveries will be made by any means other than bicycle.

Following the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi earlier this month, swiggy bag made news on Thursday when it revealed that it would be offering its services in the Lakshadweep Islands. The company announced that it will begin delivering meals to Agatti Island in Lakshadweep.

Thanks to collaborations with the AFC Fried Chicken City Hotel and the Mubarak Hotel, swiggy bag will only conduct bicycle deliveries. For purchases up to ₹100, there is also a special launch discount of up to 50%.

Siddharth Bhakoo, National Business Head of Swiggy, stated at the launch that the food marketplace has always strived to provide its customers with the greatest convenience. Since this expansion positions us as Lakshadweep’s first online meal delivery service, we view it as a significant accomplishment.

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Prominent Lakshadweep AFC member Muhammad Hemlarsha greeted swiggy bag Agatti Island launch with great enthusiasm, referring to it as a culinary revolution delivered right to your door. He remarked, I believe Swiggy’s convenience will enhance our delivery experience and turn everything into a party!

Swiggy partner and head of the City Hotel in Lakshadweep, Fazal Rahman, expressed his excitement about the introduction of online meal delivery in Lakshadweep. We have a fantastic opportunity to introduce a larger audience to the unique flavors of our island through this partnership,” he said. With Swiggy’s growth, we hope to increase our customer base, increase revenue, and win the first-ever national recognition for our culinary offerings.

swiggy bag arrives in Lakshadweep as the first meal delivery service in observance of the 75th Republic Day.

By launching meal delivery services for locals, swiggy bag will guarantee that guests can experience the best local cuisine from actual restaurants.

During the 75th Republic Day celebration in India, swiggy bag is launching its food delivery service in Agatti, Lakshadweep, in real time. The first online meal delivery service to reach Lakshadweep, Swiggy, will begin offering food delivery services to residents in order to guarantee that guests can enjoy dining experiences from the greatest local restaurants exactly like they do at home.

With swiggy bag arrival, local businesses have more opportunities to grow and visitors have new ways to enjoy the flavors of the area. Agatti is the ultimate destination for foodies, with mouthwatering meals served in brightly colored huts along the shoreline.

Siddharth Bhakoo, National Business Head of Swiggy, responded to the company’s launch by saying that the food marketplace has always strived to provide its consumers with the greatest convenience. As the first food delivery service on the internet to reach Lakshadweep, this expansion is a significant achievement for us.

Apart from working with nearby restaurants and encouraging their growth, we are happy to offer jobs to young people in the community. Our long-term objectives are to increase our visibility in Lakshadweep, establish reliable connections with neighboring businesses, and enhance the culinary experiences of both residents and visitors.

We are excited to work with Swiggy on the launch in Lakshadweep, said Fazal Rahman, head of City Hotel Lakshadweep and a partner of swiggy bag. We have a fantastic opportunity to introduce a larger audience to the unique tastes of our island through this collaboration.

The head of AFC Lakshadweep and a restaurant partner of Swiggy, Muhammad Hemlarsha, says, “We want to expand our customer base, boost tourism, and become nationally known for our food offerings through Swiggy’s growth.” Swiggy’s ease of use and excellent delivery service allow him to express his enthusiasm and usher in a gastronomic revolution on Agatti Island, where there is always a party!

By gradually expanding across the main islands that make up Lakshadweep, Swiggy aims to improve both the local and tourist experience and elevate the culinary prowess of the area. Swiggy wants to contribute to the archipelago by offering its customers convenience and mouthwatering food delivered straight to their door.

Approximately 7% of Swiggy’s workforce, or 400 workers, will be let go as part of the Indian food delivery startup’s plan to strengthen finances and streamline operations ahead of its IPO later this year. This is the new business from the second round of layoffs in Bangalore. the initial round took place at the beginning of the preceding year.

This action was taken by Swiggy in an attempt to improve its financial situation. Even though its food distribution business has been profitable for several quarters, the startup is not yet profitable as a whole. The main rival of Swiggy, Zomato, began turning a profit last year.

Investment bankers and mutual fund investors believe that Swiggy, which was recently valued at $10.7 billion during a funding round, will list with a market capitalization similar to Zomato. They predict a good valuation for Swiggy if it can outperform its former rival on several metrics.

Swiggy did not respond when asked for comment. The first report on this layoff was first published in India’s ET newspaper.

UBS and AllianceBernstein claim that Zomato and Swiggy are the market leaders in India for food delivery; nevertheless, Zomato has grown its market share in the majority of the last few quarters. Based on the quantity of app users, Alliance Bernstein’s note on Wednesday states that Zomato holds more than 60% of the Indian food distribution market.


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