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Only Tata automobiles have these seven opulent features (tata cars 7 seater)

What characteristics exist? In India, the majority of people ask this question as soon as they purchase a new car. In response to this question, Indian automakers have gone bonkers, offering top-notch features on everything from entry-level to luxury cars, which should make you proud. tata cars 7 seater, on the other hand, has surpassed the competition by providing some amazing features that aren’t even present in some cars in the upper segment.

tata cars 7 seater have features like the full map view instrument cluster as one of them. Speaking of high-end features, one that manufacturers are offering is the digital instrument cluster. They claim that by introducing a digital instrument cluster that is completely customizable, Tata Motors has advanced.

The full map view is one such unique feature that it provides. A 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster featuring a full map view is standard on the Nexon, Nexon EV, and Punch EV models. Surprisingly, vehicles in the same or higher segments do not even come equipped with this feature. The Tata Safari and Mahindra XUV700 medium-sized SUV segments are the next to offer this tata cars 7 seater feature.

rear seats with ventilation

tata cars 7 seater

Next, let’s talk about the well-liked rear ventilated tata cars 7 seater of Tata Safari. In India’s hot climate, ventilated front seats are a welcome feature found in most cars. Still, Tata has kindly provided ventilation for the back seats in the 6-seater Safari. Given that cars like the Mercedes Maybach and Land Rover Range Rover, which cost between 1.5 and 2 crores, have air conditioning on the back seat, one can appreciate the significance of this feature. You may therefore consider adding rear seat ventilation if your Safari 6-seater has one.

Shift-by-wire and a gearbox are two tata cars 7 seater features.

The newly redesigned Tata SUV uses the gear lever found in high-end SUVs like Range Rover, similar to the rear seat ventilation system. Note that we are focusing on automatics exclusively in this discussion. It appears that Tata used the exact same unit in its SUV, the Range Rover’s gear lever, if you look closely. It feels just like the gear lever.

It’s important to note that high-end cars offer functionality in addition to design. We are discussing Tata’s E-Shift, or Shift-By-Wire technology. EVs are not included here because they are inherently Shift-By-Wire devices due to the absence of mechanical parts. Shift-By-Wire technology is also included in Harrier, Safari, Nexon, and Altroz, as was previously mentioned. This feature’s primary benefit is the removal of all felt mechanical components on the gear lever. This feature was previously available on the Skoda Octavia, which cost more than 35 lakhs.

LED DRLs with front and rear welcome and farewell animations

With the front and rear LED DRL animations, tata cars 7 seater also have a great feature: welcome and goodbye animations. All Tata SUVs now come equipped with connected LED tail lamps and connected LED daytime running lights, as is common knowledge following facelifts.

These connected lights, though, are not like the typical ones you see on other cars. Tata has infused these lights with animations that play each time the car is locked and unlocked, adding to the overall nostalgic effect. Indeed, the linked DRL functions as a charging indicator in Nexon and Punch EV models as well! That is really awesome! At approximately 45 lakhs, the Skoda Kodiaq is the only car in India that offers animation in light.

Features of tata cars 7 seater V2V in the Nexon EV

Tata unveiled the redesigned Nexon and Nexon EV in September of last year, 2023. Along with major external and internal changes, both SUVs saw a feature increase. With regard to the Nexon EV in particular, Tata Motors introduced the Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) charging function. It’s true that your Nexon EV can now charge another EV, as the name would imply. One of the premium features available on the Nexon EV, which is priced at 50 lakhs in India, is the Hyundai Ioniq.

Quick Chilling

One of the features exclusive to Tata vehicles is express cooling. This feature helps instantly cool the car, which is a blessing in the summer. Simply pressing a button initiates full-speed operation of the fan and air conditioner! In order to cool down more quickly, the driver-side window automatically lowers if the outside temperature rises too high.

The tata cars 7 seater has alloy wheels that are 19 inches.

The 19-inch alloy wheels that are available for the Tata Safari and Tata Harrier’s Dark Edition round out our list. 18-inch alloy wheels are standard on SUVs like the Toyota Fortuner. But by including 19-inch bigger wheels in its SUVs, Tata has advanced. The MG Gloster, which is situated two or three segments above the Safari, is the only SUV with 19-inch wheels. As the Tata Hexa did in 2017, this is not the first Tata vehicle to sport 19-inch wheels!

An added bonus is doors that open 90 degrees.

The Altroz and Punch models of tata cars 7 seater specifically feature doors that open to a 90-degree angle. Although it may seem gimmicky to some, it actually improves functionality overall. Doors that open to a 90-degree angle make it simple to enter and exit Altroz and Punch. How wonderful it is, then, to have all four doors fully open and for your elderly family members to find them just as useful?


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