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The truck driver organization has written a letter to Prime Minister Modi and Head of State Shah, requesting a review of the new law’s provision for up to 10 years in jail in hit and run cases.

The Prime Minister and the Home Minister have been urged by AIMTC to reevaluate the provision that allows for up to 10 years in prison in hit and run” situations truck driver.

They draw attention to the propensity to declare big cars guilty before conducting a thorough investigation, which raises questions regarding the possibility of mob violence. AIMTC voiced concerns about possible detrimental effects on the transportation sector and criticized the lack of stakeholder consultation. They also support a thorough accident investigation protocol and draw attention to the necessity of driver education. Truck drivers are urged by AIMTC to exercise patience throughout this pandemic.

New Delhi: In an open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, the All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC), the nation’s largest truck driver association, requests that the provision allowing for up to ten years in prison in “hit and run” cases be reconsidered. The AIMTC emphasizes that not all involved drivers are at fault. Under such circumstances, they advise reporting the matter to the local magistrate or police.

The association of truck drivers has brought attention to the practice among police officers of assigning large vehicles the blame for accidents, typically without conducting a scientific investigation. Additionally, the danger that drivers face from mob violence at accident scenes is highlighted.

According to the All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC), this law was proposed without consulting any interested parties, particularly those involved in the transportation industry. The Indian Penal Code was passed by Parliament last week, and the government has formally announced it.

It has caused a ripple effect in the transportation sector. Although we recognize the need of road safety, this strict law threatens the foundation of our supply chain and our economy. Although the goal of introducing stringent measures to deal with hit-and-run incidents may be genuine, the law has serious shortcomings that need to be immediately addressed.

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Truck drivers and the transportation industry, which is crucial to the nation’s economy, are extremely concerned about the possible effects of this law. According to the truck drivers’ association, Deep worries are expressed regarding the law’s possible impact on the national economy.

It is stated that India is currently facing a driver shortage of roughly 27% in the transportation sector, and that people are discouraged from entering or continuing in this profession by the stringent laws, which include a 10-year jail sentence. The nation lacks established procedures for investigating accidents. There is no detailed investigation protocol for hit-and-run cases outlined in the law.

Determining responsibility requires clarity, particularly when a car is struck from behind or when the driver of a smaller vehicle is at fault. The AIMTC stressed that unfounded accusations against certain cars can be made in the absence of a thorough investigation.

In the meantime, AIMTC has made an appeal to drivers amid reports that truck drivers are against the new law. They said that they sincerely beseech all drivers to exercise patience during this pandemic period while we wait for the rules and regulations to be finalized.

While we acknowledge that uncertainty can be unsettling, it is imperative to prioritize following the correct procedure. Bal Malkit Singh of AIMTC expressed optimism for a resolution that takes into account both the legitimate concerns of the driving community and the safety of our roads.


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