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Why did the company put this boy’s picture on the packet and where is the Parle-G biscuit girl? Understand the entire situation

Are you familiar with Parle-G biscuit story? Who is this girl on the biscuit, after all?

Has Parle ji changed the girl’ appearance to resemble a well-known influencer? On social media, a lot of these inquiries are becoming popular. Considering that Parle ji’s most recent post resembles this. But the business has also cleared all of this.

A person experiences nostalgia for many things linked to their early years. ‘Parle-G biscuit are one such item. This biscuit dates back to 1939 and has a long history in ordinary households. The same innocent smile can be found on the biscuit pack as it has on the girl who has been there since 1990. However, the business recently shocked everyone by adding a new face to the package of this biscuit.

The Parle company posted a photo from its official Instagram account that features an Instagram influencer in place of Parle Girl. Jerwan J. Bunshah, a content creator for social media, is shown in this picture. Users were taken aback when Bunshah-G—rather than Parle-G biscuit—was written on the packet alongside the picture.

The caption for the post read, “Tell us your favorite biscuit to pair with a cup of tea when you’re trying to figure out what to say to the owner of Parle-G biscuit.” What is said by Bunshah ji? There was a rush of inquiries on the internet following this post. The sole concern among all individuals was whether the company had altered its name. along with the packet.

Parle-G biscuit

Actually, Jerwan J. Bunshah asked in a recent video that if you meet the Owner of Parle, will you address him as “Parle Sir,” “Mr. Parle, or Parle-G biscuit? This hilarious video features the well-known song “Ae Ji O Ji” from the movie “Ram-Lakhan” playing in the background. Jerwan’s post went viral, grabbing the interest of both the public and the Parle corporation. The business made a humorous response to his post.

Users quickly learned that the company is not currently looking to change the look of its brand after learning about the entire incident. Yet frequently, people wonder, “Who is the girl on the Parle-G biscuit packet, and where is she now?” In a variety of claims, numerous names have appeared. In an attempt to dispel any misunderstanding, the company released a statement through Parle’s Group Product Manager, Mayank Shah, explaining that this is, in fact, an imaginary face that the creative team came up with decades ago.

One of the best-selling biscuit brands globally, according to a 2011 Nielsen survey, was Parle-G biscuit. In 2013, it made over Rs 5,000 crore in retail sales. And with this it became the first fast growing consumer brand.


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