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Cold wave gripping Delhi causes flights and trains to be delayed and thick fog to cover the city.(indira gandhi international airport)

Sunday was another bitterly cold morning in the Indian capital, with lows in the single digits. Many flights and train delays were the result of this cold wave’s widespread disruptions.

At New Delhi’s indira gandhi international airport on Saturday, there was a light fog. Due to poor visibility, multiple flight operations were delayed.

The visibility in Delhi was reported to be decreasing by the India Meteorological Department (IMD), from 400 meters at 2 AM to just 100 meters by 2:30 AM, and then completely disappearing by 3 AM. On Sunday morning, the lowest temperature was about 8.5 degrees Celsius.

An earlier IMD tweet said in another As of 6:30 AM today, a dense layer of fog covered the plains of northern India indira gandhi international airport extending from Punjab to Bihar and encompassing Haryana Delhi Uttar Pradesh northwest Rajasthan and north Madhya Pradesh. The department also declared that there were isolated pockets of dense to very dense fog in Delhi North Haryana, West Uttar Pradesh and West Madhya Pradesh.

indira gandhi international airport

Because of the dense fog, almost twelve passenger trains that were arriving in Delhi were delayed. Eleven trains, including the Amritsar-Nanded Express, the Puri-New Delhi Purushottam Express, the Ambedkarnagar-Katra, and the Manikpur-Nizamuddin Express, were confirmed by Northern Railways to be running behind schedule.

With major delays and even cancellations of flights, indira gandhi international airport also turned into a scene of annoyance for travelers. Passenger Neha Beniwal recalled, “My flight from Bahrain was scheduled to land at 4:45 AM but was delayed an hour, finally touching down at 5:35 AM.

indira gandhi international airport officials advised travelers to check the most recent flight information by contacting their individual airlines. Even worse weather is expected, according to the IMD, which issued a warning of Very Dense Fog on January 22 and predicted that the foggy haze would persist until January 27.

People were gathered around bonfires in the bitter cold, taking comfort in the flickering warmth.


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