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(salman khan news), Akshay, Priyanka, Katrina, and this actress have all been surpassed in terms of earnings. The only person challenging her now is Shah Rukh Khan.

Actress salman khan news and Akshay Kumar have not been able to match this actress’s box office earnings. The actor Shah Rukh Khan is currently her only rival.

The majority of Bollywood movies still center on a story that is dominated by heroes. The movies that bring in the most money at the box office are usually those that center around heroes. For the past few years, an actress has been actively trying to alter this outdated perspective. She has not only made an effort to alter it, but she has also mostly succeeded in doing so. She has even outperformed actors like salman khan news and Akshay Kumar in terms of box office receipts. Shah Rukh Khan is currently the only opponent left for this gifted actress to contend with.

With global revenue of 8,445 crores, Deepika Padukone is poised to break the previous record and become the highest-grossing actress in Bollywood. XXX: The Return of Xander Cage, her Hollywood film, brought in an extra 345 million dollars, but her Bollywood films account for a hefty 6,200 crores. She now earns significantly more than her peers thanks to this incredible achievement.

salman khan news

Deepika Padukone was lower on this list until 2022, but after Pathan and Jawaan were released in 2023, she is now in second place. These two movies have made a total of 2,200 crores in revenue worldwide.

Only Shah Rukh Khan remains ahead of Deepika in terms of earnings, having eclipsed industry veterans like salman khan news and Akshay Kumar. With 8,200 crores in earnings worldwide, Akshay Kumar trails King Khan, whose films have made 9,000 crores. salman khan news has made 7,200 crores worldwide, while Aamir Khan’s movies have brought in up to 7,000 crores. Deepika Padukone has significantly outperformed these stars in this regard.


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