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LAST DATE OF (fastag kyc update) TODAY Steps to Check and Documents Required for Your KYC

All fastag kyc update with incomplete Know Your Customer (KYC) updates will be deactivated or blacklisted by the banks after January 31, 2024, according to NHAI.
There’s a FASTag deadline that matters. It’s crucial to update your fastag kyc update information before the January 31 deadline if you frequently drive on highways or must pass through toll gates on your daily commute.

fastag kyc update: What is it?

FASTag is an electronic toll collection system for highways that tracks passing vehicles and makes it easier for drivers to pay tolls at toll plazas. RFID technology is used when a tag that is linked to a bank account or prepaid card is applied to the windshield of an automobile. A toll booth’s scanner scans a car bearing a fastag kyc update and deducts the toll from the related card or account when the car gets close.

Can fastag kyc update Be Used Without KYC?

fastag kyc update

All fastag kyc update with incomplete Know Your Customer (KYC) updates will have their banks deactivate or blacklist them after January 31, 2024, even if there is an adequate balance, according to a recent announcement from the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI). This action was taken to prevent the deliberate removal of FASTags from cars, the issuance of multiple FASTags for a single car, and the distribution of FASTags without KYC verification.

How Can KYC Be Updated on fastag kyc update?

This is How To Update Your fastag kyc update.

1. Visit the official fastag kyc update website, which is connected to banks.
Step 2: Enter the OTP that you received on your phone and log in using your mobile number.
Step 3: Locate the “My Profile” section on the homepage, then select the KYC tab.
Step 4: Click the submit button after entering all the required information in the new window that opens.
Step 5: After the KYC is finished, it will show up on your updated status.

fastag kyc update : List of Necessary Documents

A vehicle registration certificate, identification proof (a voter ID card, Aadhaar card, passport, driver’s license, or PAN card are acceptable forms of identification), proof of address, and a passport-size photo are among the necessary documents.

How long will it take for the KYC in fastag kyc update to be approved?

FASTag Status: How to Verify It

Step 1: The specialized website is another place you can complete it.
Step 2: Select the Login tab located at the top right of the webpage as soon as it opens.
Step 3: You must enter your registered mobile number in order to log in using OTP.
Step 4: Choose the dashboard’s My Profile area after logging in.
Step 5: The profile information you entered during registration is shown in the My Profile section along with the KYC status of your FASTag.
Step 6: You can complete this task online at your bank as well.

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) initiated the “One Vehicle, One fastag kyc update program to enhance the efficiency of the Electronic Toll Collection system and promote smooth operation at the Toll Plazas. The program’s goal is to discourage users from using a single FASTag for multiple cars or attaching multiple FASTags to a single vehicle.

When will the fastag kyc update be blocked from access?
It is also recommended by NHAI that users of FASTags complete the “Know Your Customer” (KYC) process using their most recent FASTag. The PIB release from January 15, 2024 states that after January 31, 2024, all previous tags will be deactivated or blacklisted, and only the most recent FASTag account will be active. fastag kyc update users can contact their respective issuer banks’ toll-free customer care number or the closest toll plaza for additional help or inquiries.

How long will it take for the processing of my FASTagKYC request?

The Indian Highway Management Company (IHML) website states that “Your KYC will be processed within a maximum of seven working days following the date on which your request for an upgraded KYC was submitted.” Once your KYC request has been submitted, you can check its status on the Customer Portal’s “My Profile” page.

The status of your KYC will be changed and your KYC verification will be approved if all of the documents you have submitted are valid and match the data you submitted during the KYC update and customer registration. In the event that any discrepancies exist in the data you have submitted, or if the documents you have submitted are improper or invalid, your KYC will be refused and you will receive a notification to update it accordingly.


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